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This book is an exploration of story and its importance in early childhood. It provides a thorough theoretical foundation, and considers how to practically implement the use of stories to aid children’s wellbeing and holistic development.

The chapters cover topics including cognitive and emotional development, creativity, play, mathematics, language development, and trauma and healing. It is an ideal resource for early years practitioners, parents, and all those working in early childhood who are looking to encourage creativity, build agency and foster positive communication in children’s lives.


I thoroughly revelled in reading this book. Its subject matter and spirit resonated deeply with me both as an early years practitioner and an individual. I found it stimulating, poignant and inspiring. Helen's approach to the subject of storytelling is both humanistic and holistic and the book's wide-ranging contents, ideas and reflections are more relevant and vital in today's ever evolving technological societies than ever before. The book takes a deep dive into aspects of storytelling in an intelligent, informative, diverse, compassionate, and moving way providing many practical and user-friendly examples. Diversity, inclusion and empathy are central throughout. This book is an inspiring and valuable tool for any adult interested in truly understanding the profound impact and integral function that storytelling can have on a child's experience of life, themselves and of others, along with the part it plays in our cognitive, emotional, social and creative development. Indeed I would go as far as to say this book ought to be required reading for all those working with children, of any age!
Katharyn Ballantine, Headmistress, Thomas's Kindergarten
Woven through with moving stories and vignettes, this book has excellent examples and theories to enhance storytelling practice, including the detailed ways of bringing some favourite children's books to life. The significance of storytelling, from the experience of the listener to the value of story as therapy to the collection of authors, gives the book great depth and many interesting perspectives. The outstanding features that make this text a highly valuable resource is the way that storytelling is encouraged as a daily activity and that children are portrayed as natural masters of storytelling.
Kathy Brodie, Founder and host of Early Years TV
An engaging exploration of story that is both inspiring and practical. Helen examines the potential that story holds to powerfully affect the minds and hearts of children, causing the reader to consider narrative in a new way. A valuable tool for parents and educators alike; this book will transform practice and ignite a true passion for story in all its forms.
Jelena Djokovic, Co-founder and Director, Novak Djokovic Foundation
This book is a powerful, much needed reminder of the vital role stories play in all areas of children's development and how children are natural story creators when adults hold a supportive, nurturing space for them to fully be in their stories.
Jane Evans, trauma parenting specialist, international speaker, freelance trainer and author
There is not an early years setting in the world that does not need this teaching, this experience and this joy that 'story' brings.
Pamela McFarlane, Manager, Home from Home Nursery, Hove
This book is both profound and inspirational. It teaches us about the critical role that narrative plays in the development of the human personality and inspires us to bring to our children and ultimately to ourselves the power of stories to shape our human existence.
Dr. Louis Falik