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Help kids discover science at home – in a flash!

Get your kids learning science with quick and clear lessons you can use for home learning. Simple activities and easy experiments give your children hands-on learning opportunities – and the jokes and cartoons throughout the ebooks will help to keep all home-learners engaged and excited to learn!

Easily observe a plant’s life cycle by sprouting your own seeds in a clear plastic bag.
Make your own camouflaged butterfly to help you remember your lesson on adaptations.
Spot the riddles and pop quizes throughout: Can you find the hidden spider? Count all the mammals on the page! Where in the universe would you weigh the most? What forces balance to make a duck float? And so many more!

Children can confidently keep up with their school science topics with this easy-to-follow digital learning pack.

The ebooks in the pack cover:
Living Things

Also available as ebooks are:
Earth and Space
States of Matter