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For the first time in her life, Anna is alone. She¿s left her husband and her adopted country and returned to London to start a new life in a house of her own. The house is large, unfinished, with a mysterious empty swimming pool in the garden, and a studio where Anna can make her stained glass. But no sooner has she moved in than the haunting begins. Anna feels her solitude is inhabited and fears that her mind is disturbed, filled with fantasy. She hears the voice of a ghost telling her, ¿I¿m in deep, deep trouble.¿ When she glimpses him, Anna¿s fears turn to certainty that this ghost lover ¿ real or imagined ¿ is a dream come true. Until the dream turns sour. For there is not one ghost in Anna¿s house, but three ¿ Anna is enthralled, obsessed with the ghosts¿ story ¿ visions of the terrible events of the summer before, events that led to murder. Who was responsible for it and why was it committed? As Anna¿s frenzy to know the truth grows it leads her into terrible danger. Can she extricate herself from this past that is spiralling way beyond her control? Now it is a question of survival ¿ hers or the ghosts¿. A gripping, terrifying, suspenseful read in the tradition of such classics of the genre as The Turn of the Screw, Wuthering Heights and, more recently, The Shining, Melissa Jones¿s third novel develops her theme of intimate jeopardy ¿ the mystery and elusiveness of love and its closest companion, danger.