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Uncover History: Shang Dynasty

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14th December 2023

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Selected: Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781526322128

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Uncover History and find out about the Shang dynasty in Ancient China with this fun and humorous guide

Founded sometime around 1600 BCE, the Shang Dynasty was governed by a series of about 29 kings over a 600 year period. They were situated along the Yellow River Valley, China, and historians know a lot about their lives from the discovery of the oracle bones, ancient tombs and cities and other artefacts.

The Shang Dynasty is known for the invention of early writing, the development of a government, their skill with bronze and their use of the chariot and bronze weapons in warfare.

Who were the Shang? Read about their daily lives, what jobs they did, what they made, how they traded and some Chinese folk tales. Find out the answer to questions such as ‘how did the Shang wage wars?’, ‘what were dragon bones?’ and ‘what did Shang kings do?’

Using fun, humorous illustrations, this book offers an insight into the daily life of the Shang people.

Ideally suited for readers age 8+.

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