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Pain and Prejudice

Pain and Prejudice

Genre: Health & Personal Development

On Sale: 14th November 2019

Price: £9.99

ISBN-13: 9780349424538


Gabrielle Jackson pulls no punches in this timely and anger-inducing book which explores how our culture treats women in medical and social contexts. From medical research to bedside manners, women's pain and disease is not taken as seriously as men's (one in 10 women worldwide have endometriosis 'the silent disease' and yet it receives just 5% of the funding of diabetes). Exploring how the patriarchy has systematically swept aside women's needs both historically and now, Jackson rightly calls for a huge cultural shift backing up her research with moving first-hand accounts and shocking statistics.
Francesca Brown, Stylist
What Jackson details in her book is how women are - historically, and to the present day - under-served by the systems that should keep us healthy, happy and informed about our bodies.
Nicole Mowbray, Metro