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Healthy Chest Binding for Trans and Non-Binary People

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18th April 2024

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Selected:  Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781787759480

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Binding is a crucial strategy in many transgender and non-binary people’s lives for coping with gender dysphoria, yet the vast majority of those who bind report some negative physical symptoms. Written by Frances Reed, a licensed bodywork and massage therapist specialising in gender transition, this comprehensive guide helps you make the healthiest choices from the very start of your binding journey.
Including guidance for choosing the right binder, approaching your first bind, an overview of potential health risks and complications, a range of self-massage and self-fascial release exercises to minimize pain and dysphoria, as well as tips and tricks for exercising safely in a binder – this is the ultimate resource for anyone that practices chest binding.

What's Inside

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Fox Fisher, trans author and activist
Dive into the ultimate guide for trans masculine and non-binary folks exploring the art of binding - it's like a friendly chat with your favourite binding buddy. This book is your go-to for clear and concise tips on feeling fabulous in your own skin or becoming the ultimate ally on this journey. Wish I had this gem during my binding days - it's like the superhero sidekick I never knew I needed! Trust me, it would have saved me from those bruises and rib issues. Get ready to make binding a breeze with this must-have manual.
Edward Whelan, author of Gender Confirmation Surgery
Read this book if you are binding or thinking about binding. It is clear and friendly, but anatomically detailed. It gives you a thorough understanding of the impact of unhealthy binding across your whole body and how you can instead easily take care of your body and bind safely. It's a book you'll come back to again and again, and then pass on to your friends.
Yenn Purkis, autistic and non-binary author and advocate
This is a practical, comprehensive, inclusive, empowering and extremely helpful book. Highly recommended
Dr Sarah Peitzmeier
This groundbreaking and comprehensive resource is the Our Bodies, Ourselves for trans and gender-expansive folks who bind. Frances combines their expertise honed through 10+ years of working with clients, personal narratives, and peer-reviewed research to offer an accessible, compassionate, and affirming roadmap for healthy binding and holistic wellness. Readers will come away with a new understanding of their body and how to structure a sustainable binding practice that is right for them.