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No Labels Here

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21st May 2024

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Selected: Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781839973765

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Eve Bent has been where you are now. She knows how it feels to work your way through the seemingly endless pre-diagnosis period, while trying to access the right financial, medical and educational support for your child. This is a journey that can feel long and immensely challenging, but Eve’s here to tell you that you’re not alone.

Whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of your pre-diagnosis journey, this book will provide advice around how to deal with the practical challenges that come from parenting kids who are developing differently. It also an opportunity to reflect on the fun and the humour in busy family life, and learn from someone else who has done it before and made it through.

From the early morning starts to the late-night bedtimes, food aversions, sensory needs and visiting new places, this dip-in/dip-out guide gives you the advice you’ve always needed, straight from one parent to another.


Georgina Durrant, author of SEND Strategies for the Primary Years. @senresourceblog on X
A brilliant, supportive book that provides practical advice & guidance to parents of children with SEND. Packed full of wonderful nuggets of parenting wisdom, Eve's book helps you to navigate everything from difficult bedtimes to tricky meal times.
Jenna Hillyard, Founder and organiser of SPACE group Manchester
'No Labels Here' what an amazing inspirational guide. As a SEND parent myself it was a comforting and exhilarating read. "Believing you can do something will actually help you do something" I feel like I've gained a mountain of knowledge whether it be about choices, or clothing and not forgetting the importance of self care.
Anne Madden fellow parent of an autistic son
Fantastic practical guide for parents of autistic children. Written from real experience of parenthood and the challenges families face to support their children and themselves in society today. Friendly, non-judgemental advice, that can be picked up, put down and revisted time again.
Steph Curtis, author of PDA in the Family
This book is packed full of tips and advice for parents of neurodivergent children, covering a wide range of everyday situations in detail. Written by a parent with lots of experience, the overall tone is positive and Eve offers many solutions for how to help any children, regardless of what diagnosis may eventually be given.