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Recent years have seen a remarkable growth of interest in revolution and social upheaval. This collection of essays by distinguished historian and long-standing Marxist Eric Hobsbawm is a commentary and critical retrospective on the revolutionary movements and ideas that dominated the twentieth century, and which remain of crucial contemporary relevance. The essays here explore a broad range of related topics including the history of communism, the influence of marxism, insurrection, military coups and guerrilla warfare, and the role of intellectuals. This updated edition presents new thoughts on anti-communist polemics and the Spanish Civil War.

Written with clarity and masterly assurance, Eric Hobsbawm’s essays are indispensable for a true understanding both of twentieth-century history and of the pattern of events today.
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Genre: Humanities / History

On Sale: 5th April 2007

Price: £11.99

ISBN-13: 9780349120560


This is a highly readable, lucid and well-written book from which any student of contemporary revolutions can derive a great deal of profit
This is an unusually rewarding book; almost every item bears witness to Professor Hobsbawm's sharp intelligence and felicitous style
This is an extraordinarily clear-sighted and accessible work of hindsight.