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Getting outside, our hands in the earth, watching plants bud then burst into bloom: the slow pleasures of gardening are an age-old tonic for the soul.

From sowing seeds to deadheading flowers, growing your own potatoes to welcoming feathered friends into your own garden, discover the joy to be found in every moment of gardening by slowing down, observing nature and planning ahead for the seasons.

Happiest when surrounded by plants, Ellen Mary is passionate advocate for the benefits of nature for wellbeing, spreading the word through The Plant Based Podcast and her regular talks.

The Joy of Gardening includes:

· Understanding your soil
· How to sow seeds and care for young plants
· Tips for recycling and reducing waste in your garden
· How to encourage wildlife into your garden
· Harvesting and cooking with fresh produce
· Choosing and planting trees for both small and larger gardens
· And much, much more!


A wonderfully uplifting holistic book with many practical tips, but more importantly a better understanding of our own place in the world, our outdoor space, understanding our limitations, our failures and rewarding ourselves at every stage. Written from the inception of an outdoor space to harvesting and rewarding yourself, the analogy to life has been very carefully thought through. This is a pocket-sized book, ideal for taking into the garden with you, and written in a very positive way. Wellbeing and mindfulness tips are scattered throughout but have been artfully added at specific points throughout your gardening journey that make them seem easier to understand and implement. I read the book from start to finish in one go and realised that all the stresses of the day had disappeared, but the gardener can easily dip in and out, especially when they need to stop in the moment and require a wellbeing exercise, or simply an affirmation that it is good to be outside. The wonderful illustrations also make the book feel very readable. I discovered myself while reading the book and reawakened thoughts and mindful actions. This is a whizz of a book! (Mark Lane, BBC Gardener's World presenter and landscape designer)
Mark Lane, BBC Gardener's World presenter and landscape designer, Mark Lane
We're all becoming much more aware of the benefits of green spaces, and gardening offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with and observe the world in which we live, while also improving our own wellbeing. In The Joy of Gardening Ellen Mary combines practical hints and tips for nurturing and caring not just for our gardens and their plants, but also for ourselves. Presented in a gentle, accessible style this book is a delightful introduction for those wanting to learn not only how to garden, but also how to reap the benefits that plants and gardens can have on our own health and wellbeing. (Sally Petitt, Head of Horticulture, Cambridge University Botanic Garden)
Sally Petitt, Head of Horticulture, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Sally Petitt
As a scientist and home gardener, I am passionate about promoting the evidence-based health benefits of gardening. Ellen Mary brilliantly uses gardening as a metaphor for human health. Ellen provides many practical growing tips for a healthy you, wildlife and the planet. (Professor Alistair Griffiths, Director of Science & Collections, Royal Horticultural Society)
Prof Alistair Griffiths, Director of Science & Collections, Royal Horticultural Society, Professor Alistair Griffiths