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‘Elis and John are my go-to place when I need a bloody good laugh. Properly funny!’ Sarah Millican
Comedians Elis James and John Robins have captured the hearts and minds of a generation, and it’s time those hearts and minds had a book. Or an audiobook, that not only features extra nuggets and riffs that are too hot for the printed page, but also serves as an excellent showreel should you wish to book Elis or John for lucrative voice over work.

Elis and John met in 2005 performing stand-up comedy in a pub called The Yellow Kangaroo in Cardiff. They eyed each other suspiciously before Robins offered the limpest handshake in the history of the world.

‘It was a power play,’ says Robins. ‘I may even have raised it for him to kiss.’

James expands: ‘It was one of the weirdest things I’d ever experienced, but having known John now for over a decade, it was the tip of the iceberg. I can honestly say he’s the oddest man I’ve ever met.’
Little did they know that ten years later they would be presenting a radio show together that would make them comedy royalty…
Ok, radio comedy royalty…Ok, commercial digital indie radio royalty…But with a podcast!
Now, The Elis James and John Robins’ Show has become cult listening, and that cult has registered for charitable status, published quarterly accounts and been given a full blessing by the Archbishop of Broadcasting. It’s official: Elis and John are a religion, and this book is their Holy Vible.
Have you ever failed to Keep It Session? Is your new flatmate a complete coin? Have you ever eaten Space Raiders on the toilet and written ‘Grief Is Living’ in your journal? Then this book is for you. If not, don’t worry, it won’t be long before you’re making up games, looking at Freddie, or facing your own personal farthing-gate.
Our obsessions make us what we are, and though you may never have addressed a will to Brian May or cried watching Ronnie O’ Sullivan make a 147, you’ll have done something similar, and Elis and John are here to tell you that you’re not weird, so come on in, and taste the vibe! Or should I say, READ the vibe!
Read by Elis and John, and featuring bonus material and an exclusive introduction.
(p) Orion Publishing Group 2018


Elis and John have created the funniest, most original and hilariously personal radio show of the last decade. And now they have written the funniest, most original adn hilariously personal book to match. Josh Widdicombe
A brilliantly funny pair of rascals. This hilarious book is a perfect time out in a world gone crazy. Russell Howard
Elis and John are my go-to place when I need a bloody good laugh. Properly funny! Sarah Millican
In modern living's quest for authenticity, Elis and John are the real deal. Theirs is a reconstructed version of masculinity that includes self-awareness, fallibility, bravery, kindness, intelligence, compassion, and, not least, humour
Comedians James and Robins have collaborated and assured readers that our obsessions are what make us - you may not have addressed a will to Brian May or cried watching Ronnie O'Sullivan make a 147, but you will have done something similar. If you're looking for reassurance that weird is the way forward then this is the book to read. The success of The Elis James and John Robins Show on Radio X means their friendship, humour and pure madness has been reflected in their "Vible" for everyday life
These good friends have parlayed their Radio X show into a hit tour, and now this book, in which they offer their version of the Bible. But a bible in the very loosest of senses, one worshipping snooker icon Ronnie O'Sullivan, spicy curries and, in Robins' case, Queen's back catalogue. The unapologetically Welsh James and the unashamedly obsessive Robins make a formidable doubleact, sometimes affectionate but mostly bickering like an elderly couple