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Good Enough

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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781529336153

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Exploring the way in which our quest to succeed and our pursuit of perfection blinds us to what life is all about, Good Enough combines sobering memoir and the science, stats and people propping up the myth of success.

Striving not to be average is exhausting and breaking us. Our pursuit of success and perfection is blinding us to the everyday pleasures of the ordinary.

Trying to be across our friends, our family, social media, our careers and our hobbies all the time can be damaging. We have been sold the story that we can do it all, that we are superhuman, and that being above average is the path to success and happiness. But it’s time we pressed pause. It’s time to rediscover our appreciation of the ordinary and the average – that space where most of the best things happen.

Eleanor Ross was compelled to write Good Enough after her experience of a breakdown. The ‘having-it-all’ myth dominated her twenties as she worked late, worked through holidays and then worked hard in the gym. The ensuing burn-out led her to question what drives us to push ourselves so hard that we mentally break, and to try to understand why we keep pushing even though we can feel ourselves cracking. Because if there’s one thing Eleanor has learned, it’s better to be average and happy than successful and miserable.

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