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How to Overcome Trauma and Find Yourself Again

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11th May 2023

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Selected: Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781783255542

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“Reassuring, validating and deeply inspiring” – Suzy Reading, bestselling author of The Self-Care Revolution

Compassionate wisdom in an easy to use format to help you build back and grow after trauma” – Dr Emma Hepburn, clinical psychologist, author of A Toolkit For Your Emotions

“Reading this book will heal what happened to you” – Dr Martha Deiros Collado, clinical psychologist


So many of us experience trauma throughout our lives. Left unaddressed, it can have a long-term impact on our physical, mental and emotional health, restricting our personal growth and leaving us feeling empty and unwell.

In this book, Dr Jessamy Hibberd unriddles the effects of trauma. Using a combination of psychology, neuroscience and her own experiences as a chartered psychologist treating people with trauma, Dr Hibberd unpacks a tough subject and opens up the space for self-healing. This book centres on the concept of ‘post-traumatic growth’, a term used to describe the remarkable way that painful experiences can lead to a valuable reassessment of life and a newfound discovery of meaning.

Through her revolutionary, seven-step programme, readers will learn how to process past events and move forward with a deeper level of self-awareness, a greater sense of purpose, and a renewed self-acceptance. Grounded in research and brought to life with real stories, How to Overcome Trauma and Find Yourself Again will give you the tools to move beyond the hurt and lead a more fulfilling, joyful life.

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Suzy Reading, author of THE SELF-CARE REVOLUTION
Many books on trauma are a harrowing read, but Jessamy compassionately strikes the right balance here - while it is gritty and real, this book is reassuring, validating and deeply inspiring. There is a beautiful humanity to the stories in this book and Jessamy's approach makes a complex subject both relatable and easy to understand. I love the seven steps, skilfully and gently guiding the reader beyond healing to becoming yourself. An empowering and uplifting read.
Dr Anne Lane, clinical psychologist and author of NURTURE YOUR CHILD'S EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE
This book is an essential read if you have been affected by traumatic, challenging or life-changing events. Dr Jessamy's style is clear, warm and practical. She details seven important steps balancing psychology and neuroscience alongside truly inspiring accounts of people who have experienced trauma and moved forward with self awareness and purpose, I'm sure this book will help lots of people.. I will be recommending it widely.
Dr Martha Deiros Collado, clinical psychologist
Jessamy has a really warm and clear style that breaks down the complexity of trauma and offers actionable strategies you can work on. Reading this book will heal what happened to you.
Dr Emma Hepburn, clinical psychologist, author of A TOOLKIT FOR YOUR EMOTIONS
Compassionate wisdom in an easy to use format to help you build back and grow after trauma.
Dr Meg Arroll, clinical psychologist and author of TINY TRAUMAS
Dr Jessamy tackles a topic on everyone's lips right now - trauma. With truly relatable 'shared stories', Dr Jessamy explains and explores her clear, 7-step process for overcoming life's most challenging events. These first-person narratives demonstrate how complex all of our lives are, and how trauma does not occur in isolation, yet this books gives us an invaluable and actionable roadmap to heal - based on robust research findings and best-practice principles. I will certainly recommend this book to my own clients for a long time to come.
Dr Sophie Mort, clinical psychologist and author of A MANUAL FOR BEING HUMAN
Compassionate and knowledgable, Dr Jessamy guides you through the dark times not only to a place of healing but one of growth too.