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‘One of the best written works on self-awareness.’ – Mo Gawdat

Allow your heart to break, once more, to free all the trapped, old grievances and fears, so you can live and love again. In this practical coaching book, internationally respected speaker and creative, Dorota, shows you the way to learn to love yourself again. Through stories from her personal experience and techniques and practices that she has developed along the way, you can share in her teachings and see how to gain control of your perception, thoughts and feelings and find the confidence to love yourself unconditionally to re-connect with who you really are.

‘Dorota is a talented creative who knows how to inspire. Whether its film, photography or video, she’s amazing at creating beautiful art and speaking on the topic of creativity and inspiration.’ – Vishen Lakhiani, NYT Bestselling author, Founder of Mindvalley


A true masterpiece on self-love and self awareness that are the keys to unlock your true gifts and to create fulfilling relationships. A must read to access with ease your true inner power.
Dame Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Master, starring in The Secret
If you care deeply about your relationships and seek long-term happiness then put this book on your required reading list. You will learn to empower yourself, speak your truth, become more confident but mostly you will be guided on how to connect to your needs, desires and dreams and how to fulfil them. This book will give you the boost you need to believe in yourself.
Jason Goldberg, author of Prison Break
There are many books on love, but not so many books on self-love. This book is about the art of accepting yourself unapologetically, no matter where you are, who you are and what you are. It teaches you to understand yourself and your relationships better so you can live a more joyful, fulfilling and peaceful life.
Russel Simmons, record executive, writer, and film producer
One of the best written works on self-awareness.
Mo Gawdat