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Through Siberia by Accident is a book about a journey that didn’t happen – and what happened instead.

Dervla Murphy never had any intention of spending three months in the vast territories of Siberia. Instead she had planned to go to Ussuriland, because it appealed to her as a place free from tourism. But by accident, or rather because she had an accident – a painful leg injury -, she found herself stymied in Eastern Siberia, a place she knew very little about. Although hardly able to walk, her subsequent experiences, in an unexpected place, and in an incapacitated state, provided many pleasant surprises. Above all she was struck by the extraordinary hospitality, generosity and helpfulness of the Siberians who made this strange phenomenon – a maimed Irish babushka – so welcome in their towns and homes.

This book is an extraordinary story of fortitude and resourcefulness as Dervla Murphy finds friendship and culture in a seemingly monotonous, bleak and inhospitable place far from what we know as ‘civilised’. Through Siberia by Accident is a voyage of Siberian self-discovery.


A great read, full of Dervla's usual verve and determination despite a very sore leg which stymied her onward journey.
Sunday Independent
People half her age would balk at the marathon journeys undertaken, largely by foot and bike, by the formidable Dervla Murphy.
Belfast Telegraph
Relaxed, comfortable and personal ... this is an entertaining insight into a little travelled part of the world.
Adventure Travel
Her 20th travel book, but reads as freshly as if it were her first. Told with characteristic spirit, this the is the story of the land, the people and the cheer
'A magical revelation of the hidden corner of the world that is post-communist Russia'
Irish Times
Murphy's accidents give rise to a fascinating account ... her interest in everyone she meets seems to bring us into their cramped living rooms.
Sunday Times
An excellent work from the indefatigable, indomitable, incredible Irishwoman who's still traipsing around the weird and wonderful parts of the world at the age of 73.
Daily Mail
What emerges is a travelogue that questions our perception of what Siberia really is, and draws an intimate portrait of its people ... her warmth, fortitude and strength of character make for a compelling read.
Sunday Tribune
A moreish collection of postcards from a rather eccentric and supremely talented aunt.
Sunday Times
A valuable contribution to understanding the world's bleakest inhabited region
She is a bewitchingly good writer who does not need to make anything up
Mail on Sunday
Fascinating. She makes the far-off seem approachable, and the adventurous possible.
Sunday Business Post, Dublin
An accessible portrait of a land of extremes, written in a learned but chatty style
Ireland on Sunday