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Augmenting Your Career

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Selected: ebook / ISBN-13: 9780349425436

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780349425436

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Essential reading for anyone who wants to be relevant in the workforce of tomorrow.

Drawing on more than a decade of research on artificial intelligence and human systems,
David L. Shrier, a globally recognised futurist and innovation specialist, delivers fascinating insights and tips on how to win at work in the age of AI.

Artificial intelligence is driving workforce disruption on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution. Automation was once associated with mass layoffs in heavy industry like auto and steel, but computers are getting smarter and are beginning to replace traditionally ‘white collar’ roles like law, consulting, banking and finance.

Yet some curious findings are emerging from the world’s leading research labs. The combined intellect of people and machines working in harmony is able to achieve outcomes that are better than either can accomplish alone. Properly tuned AI systems can even help harness the power of the collective intelligence of an entire organisation or community to predict future events. This isn’t science fiction; this is science fact the author personally helped discover.

What are these new hybrid AI+people systems? What can specialised AI systems do to help you succeed in your career? How can you work most effectively with these machines?

Written by a practitioner who has worked with some of the largest companies in the world as well as some of the most innovative startups, Augmenting Your Career provides a rare window into a frontier area of computer science that will change everything about how you work and what your job will look like. Read this book and fast track your evolution to the knowledge worker of the future.


<b>Darrell M West, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution and author of <i>The Future of Work</i></b>
If you are worried about losing your job due to automation, this is the book for you. Futurist David Shrier explains how tech is unfolding, which areas are at greatest risk, and what you can do to reskill and remain competitive. Augmenting Your Career is a clear, comprehensive and helpful guide to navigating the coming world of work. Shrier offers level-headed advice for a world where change is happening fast
<b>Nigel Morris, former chief strategy and innovation officer, Dentsu Aegis Network</b>
Harnessing the power of AI is the future and Shrier is an invaluable guide
<b>Julie Chariell, senior fintech analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence</b>
Augmenting Your Career takes on the toughest question in artificial intelligence, the one that keeps us all up at night - will my job be lost to automation? David Shrier answers with clarity and specificity, addressing key professions and business practices, to provide a framework for how we can prepare ourselves to learn, adapt and advance in a world run on machines. This is a fast-paced and colorful read, just like its subjects - technology and the human brain. Forthright about the capabilities and shortcomings of each, Shrier explains why we must, and how we can, merge the two to achieve the best-possible outcomes
<b>Alex Lipton, Professor and Dean's Fellow, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Connection Science Fellow, MIT</b>
David Shrier describes the intriguing array of AI-flavoured technologies already being deployed or soon to be deployed around the world. If you are worried, as you should be, about the potential impact of AI on you as an individual, and society at large, read his book to get some comfort and a sense of direction