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See, Solve, Scale

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780349427331

Price: £14.99

ON SALE: 22nd March 2022

Genre: Economics, Finance, Business & Management

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Inspired by Brown University’s beloved course – The Entrepreneurial Process – Danny Warshay’s See, Solve, Scale is a proven and paradigm-shifting method to unlocking the power of entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurial Process, one of Brown University’s highest-rated courses, has empowered thousands of students to start their own ventures. You might assume these ventures started because the founders were born entrepreneurs. You might assume that these folks had technical or finance degrees, or worked at fancy consulting firms, or had some other specialized knowledge. Yet that isn’t the case. Entrepreneurship is not a spirit or a gift. It is a process that anyone can learn, and that anyone can use to turn a problem into a solution with impact.

In See, Solve, Scale, Danny Warshay, the creator of the Entrepreneurial Process course and founding Executive Director of Brown’s Center for Entrepreneurship, shares the same set of tools with aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. He overturns the common misconception that entrepreneurship is a hard-wired trait or the sole province of high-flying MBAs, and provides a proven method to identify consequential problems and an accessible process anyone can learn, master, and apply to solve them.

Combining real-world experience backed by surprising research-based insights, See, Solve, Scale guides the reader through forming a successful startup team and through the three steps of the process: find and validate a problem, develop an initial small-scale solution, and scale a long-term solution. It also details eleven common errors of judgment that entrepreneurs make when they rely on their intuition and provides instruction for how to avoid them.

Leveraging Warshay’s own entrepreneurship successes and his 15 years of experience teaching liberal arts students, See, Solve, Scale debunks common myths about entrepreneurship and empowers everyone, especially those who other entrepreneurship books have ignored and left behind. Its lasting message: Anyone can take a world-changing idea from conception to breakthrough entrepreneurial success.


Danny Warshay's See, Solve, Scale makes a fundamental connection between a liberal arts education and entrepreneurship. We at liberal arts schools teach our students how to observe acutely and analyze deeply. It turns out, as Danny demonstrates, these skills translate perfectly to the role of entrepreneurs, which is to identify a problem and seek a solution.That he does so with stories and examples of a diverse set of founders of all ages and backgrounds makes this the perfect book for all aspiring entrepreneurs
Mary Schmidt Campbell, Ph.D., President, Spelman College
See, Solve, Scale makes what has been exclusive Ivy League training accessible to everyone. It is now my go-to recommended reading for all entrepreneurs we engage within the diverse communities we serve and beyond
Marcos Gonzalez, Founder and Managing Partner of VamosVentures
Brown University doesn't need a business school - it has Danny Warshay. For liberal arts grads with a passion to improve the world and be their own boss, See, Solve, Scale helps you escape Plato's cave and see the entrepreneurial light. Entrepreneurship is full of minefields. You'll be glad to have Danny lead the way
Barry Nalebuff, Milton Steinbach Professor at Yale School of Management and cofounder of Honest Tea
Want to make the world a better place? Learn how to be an entrepreneur! In See, Solve, Scale, Danny is masterful at breaking that intimidating word into simple, clear steps that anyone can follow
Evan Sharp, co-founder of Pinterest
Sneaking into Danny's famous course at Brown was one of the best entrepreneurial investments I've ever made. Now with See, Solve, Scale anyone can learn Danny's essential business secrets to bring their ideas to life
Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb and Chairman of Airbnb.org
Danny Warshay is an entrepreneurial hero unlocking the power of entrepreneurship for the rest of us. Read it, roll up your sleeves and change the world
Andrew Yang, Former 2020 Presidential Candidate, entrepreneur and non-profit founder
In my work, I've studied how organisations can create optimal environments to foster creativity and innovation. In this book, Danny Warshay describes the process you need to succeed in those environments. If you are an entrepreneur or ever dreamed of creating something that matters, this book is a low-risk, high-reward resource for making it happen
Teresa Amabile, Baker Foundation Professor and Edsel Bryant Ford Professor of Business Administration, Emerita, Harvard Business School