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Use Your Brain to Change Your Age

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781405516020

Price: £10

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A healthy brain is the key to living longer and looking younger. In Use Your Brain to Change Your Age, clinical neuroscientist and bestselling author Dr Daniel G. Amen shares simple steps to boost your brain, helping you to look, feel and think younger. Based on the approach that has helped thousands of people at the Amen Clinics and the most up-to-date research collected from over 70,000 brain scans, Dr Amen’s breakthrough programme leads you through ten simple anti-aging steps that will also dramatically decrease the risk for Alzheimer’s disease. You will learn how to:

– Boost your memory, mood, attention and energy
– Decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia
– Reduce the outward signs of aging and make your skin more beautiful
– Promote the healing of brain damage due to injury, strokes, substance abuse and toxic exposure
– Dramatically increase your chances of living longer and looking younger


Dr Amen magically shows us that the aging of our brains need not match the aging of our bodies. The tools he offers to avoid injury to this most precious real estate in our body are priceless and will keep us thinking sharply throughout our progressively longer lives
Dr Mehmet Oz, professor and vice chair of the Department of Surgery, New York-Presbyterian/Columbia, and host of The Dr. Oz Show
Sign me up for a better brain. We are all getting older. But if you want to do it feeling younger and able to remember where you put your glasses, read Dr. Amen's new book. It is filled with great stories and inspiration to take care of the most important part of you
Bill Cosby
Obesity, depression, and Alzheimer's disease are current epidemics that are predicted to get worse. If you want to avoid them and improve your physical and mental health, read Dr Amen's books
I have been a longtime advocate of the pioneering research of Daniel Amen. I believe this book may be his best ever as it distills much of his previous work coupled with some of the newest research into a comprehensive, but clearly stated lifestyle program. The science behind the program is complex, but its execution is easy to follow if you truly want to separate biological age from chronological age
Barry Sears, PhD, author of THE ZONE