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Socialism is a topic frequently invoked in today’s political conversation, yet not many people fully understand it. This easy-to-follow guide explains the principles of the ideology and what socialism looks like in the world today. From Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign to AOC’s Green New Deal, the U.S. is witnessing a shift that hasn’t been seen for decades. But how many Americans truly understand socialism and socialist principles? The New Socialist Handbook is a simple way to learn about this political system and bear witness to its current movement with an educated and informed mind. It discusses topics such as: Different types of socialism (democratic socialism vs. social democracy vs. eco-socialism, etc.); How did socialism become a dirty word; Which countries are socialist or have socialist programs; The way socialism exists in the U.S. today (Medicare, Social Security, etc.); Socialist suggestions for today’s issues (healthcare, infrastructure, economy, etc.); What can you do to bring about change? (getting involved in politics, educating yourself, demonstrating, etc.); Perfect for the engaged voter or the armchair political scientist, student, pundit, enthusiast, or anyone simply looking to get a better intellectual grasp on socialism, The New Socialist Handbook gives meaning and definition to the commonly misunderstood. Author Dan Tucker breaks down these topics in a clear, accessible way and without a political slant. Readers will come away with a better understanding of the history of socialism and what it means in our world today.