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The Hungry History of Sharks

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8th August 2024

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Selected: Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781445190525

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Think all sharks are man-eating terrors? Think again! There’s so much more to these fascinating and frequently misunderstood animals. This book takes you through the hungry history of these incredible creatures.

Sharks range in size from whale sharks longer than buses, to Panama catsharks and dwarf lantern sharks that could sit across the palm of your hand. Find out about baby sharks, prehistoric sharks, the largest known shark – the Megaladon, bull sharks, reef sharks and angel sharks, amongst others. Look inside at the parts of a shark, such as their very light skeleton, their razor-sharp teeth and their extra special electric sense that humans don’t have. Learn about their clever hunting and feeding techniques.

How do we know so much about sharks? Discover how scientists are using many different technologies to find, follow and examine sharks to learn more about them. More than one-third of all shark and ray species are in danger of extinction. Learn what people are doing to help these formidable creatures.

The colourful and detailed illustrations from Andressa Meissner bring the sharks vividly to life. The consultant, Leonardo Guida, (PhD) is a shark scientist and shark conservation lead at the Australian Marine Conservation Society.