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A fascinating insight in to some of the incredible invertebrates that lived on Earth millions of years ago.

Hundreds of millions of years before humans had evolved, our planet was already teeming with life. In prehistoric oceans, stony deserts, warm swamps and vast grasslands, there lived an incredible variety of plants and animals.

The variety of plant life on our prehistoric planet was staggering. Evolving from the simplest single-celled life-forms, Earth bloomed with colourful flowers, tiny plants, massive trees and bizarre meat-eating plants. Discover how the warm, wet climate provided the perfect environment for plant life to explode and the variety of ways in which plants were able to reproduce.

This stunningly illustrated series looks at life in the prehistoric era, focusing not just on dinosaurs, but looking at the world as a whole. The prehistoric era is absolutely fascinating for children and adults alike, and is useful for schools studying history chronologically. Amazingly detailed and accurate illustrations bring the prehistoric era to life. Engaging reading for children aged 7+.