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How well do you know YOUR family?

Donor 150 is a colourful coming-of-age memoir by Chrysta Bilton about her crazy childhood and young adulthood in LA in the ’70s and ’80s, and the subsequent shock discovery that her itinerant dad became one of America’s most prolific sperm donors, known in the fertility industry as ‘Donor 150’.

Chrysta grew up in a small but lively family of three – the first born daughter of a spectacularly memorable mother, Debra, who one day met Jeffrey Harrison, a gorgeous young man, in a LA hair salon and proposed that he father her children. However, Chrysta didn’t know the whole story.

When she discovered at the age of 22, that her strange nuclear family actually contained another 150 half-siblings and her father was in fact a prolific sperm donor, Chrysta knew she had to meet those siblings, come to terms with her unconventional childhood, and decide what she wanted her future to be.

This is Chrysta’s story of how she attempted the mind-blowing task of tracking down her family, connecting with her new siblings, struggling with the ethical questions around DNA, and understanding what – in the modern world – a family really is.

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