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Dawson is a boy with a motto: ‘EVERYTHING can be used again!’ He takes apart junk and uses the parts to create anything from aeroplanes to fish tanks to robot friends like Mooey, his faithful (but long-suffering) sidekick. Dawson sneaks into his secret hideout to recycle his neighbors’ trash, but also to escape his daily chores – until the day he realizes he has everything he needs to create a robot that will do his chores for him!

The only problem is that Dawson makes the robot a little too… awesome. The ‘Vacu-Maniac’ starts sucking up everything in sight, destroying the town and terrorizing its citizens. It’ll take all Dawson’s ingenuity to bring his creation down, and when he finally does, he learns an important lesson about using his creativity and skills to figure out how to make life better for others – not just himself.
In this high-energy adventure, Chris Gall inspires kids to reuse and recycle with a fantastical twist that will have them laughing and cheering for this totally awesome new hero.