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All Tangled Up in Autism and Chronic Illness

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21st December 2023

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Selected: Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781839975240

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In this ground-breaking debut, Charli Clement combines their own experiences alongside unique short profiles from individuals with chronic illness, to provide an intimate and insightful look at the complexities of living as an autistic and chronically ill person.

From navigating your diagnosis and healthcare, learning how to manage pain and your own sensory needs to dealing with ableism, medical misogyny and transphobia, Clement offers practical advice and delves into the unique challenges faced by individuals living in this intersection.

With a focus on the unique neurodivergent experience and an exploration into disability pride and joy ‘All Tangled Up in Autism and Chronic Illness’ is a necessary and empowering resource for autistic and chronically ill people as well as for family members, friends, and healthcare professionals.


Ellie Middleton, Author of UNMASKED: The ultimate guide to ADHD, autism and neurodivergence
So many of us autistic folks experience chronic illness, but so few of us have access to the knowledge, understanding and support that we so desperately need and deserve. All Tangled Up is a much-needed, kind and compassionate toolkit which will bridge that gap and help so many people.
Sarah O'Brien, autistic advocate and author of 'So, I'm Autistic'
Charli breaks down much of the worries I've faced as someone who is autistic and chronically ill in ways that are comforting and clear. Charli cuts through the confusion that accompanies chronic illnesses through advice, tools and tips that apply to navigating life and health. Anyone with chronic illnesses or supporting autistic people with with chronic ill health needs to read this book!
Carly Jones MBE, Autistic Advocate and Author of Safe Guarding Autistic Girls and My Autism Journal
Charli Clement writes in a style beyond their years in a subject matter all too over looked by health professionals and all too handled alone by the Autistic community; that of experiencing Chronic Illness and being Autistic. The intersection and various overlap of chronic illness conditions experienced by Autistic people still has much further to go for doctors, medical academics and science itself to research explore and demystify. Perhaps an exciting time for research yet an all too often lonely, confusing and frustrating time for Autistic people often misunderstood and even misbelieved in healthcare settings in that wait for the scientific world to catch up with what we know effects the daily lives of our Autistic community. A book packed with case studies and personal care strategies for Autistic people it's a gem of peer on peer support for our autistic community itself. 'All Tangled Up in Autism and chronic illness' should also however be recommended reading for anyone working in healthcare and personalised care settings. I'm so glad Charli wrote this book - a much needed , straight to the point, breath of fresh air. Now a staple sign posting both professionally and personally.
NetGalley reviewer
Firstly, this book made me feel less alone, which is honestly the best praise I could ever give a book. This book was so useful to me as both a chronically ill person and a support worker and I will be recommending it all over the place, from my YouTube to my colleagues.