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Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781788402347

Price: £10

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An antidote to counterproductive guided handbooks, this book will provoke, stimulate and kickstart your creativity by removing it from its everyday confinement.

‘How to Unplan Your Life’ is against identikit ideals and identities.

“If everyone is wearing trendy black workwear and has state-of-art Apple Macs, a true maverick will wear pink and carry an abacus.”

We are currently in a productivity crisis, we work longer hours and achieve less and less. ‘Workaholic’, ‘being busy’ are all badges of honour in the UK but it is bad for our health, bad for our employer’s wealth (and business) and bad for the nation’s economic and fiscal health too. We work longer hours and achieve less and less. How we are living, and working isn’t working. We need to stop, re-examine and rethink.

This book will tap into our modern dissatisfaction rather than preach another new way to live and will be a unique journey for each reader.

What's Inside

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