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If you have a controlling partner, you aren’t alone. Millions of women suffer physical or sexual abuse at the hands of a husband or boyfriend during some point in their lives, and research shows that psychological abuse-a bigger contributor to inducing fear-affects women’s overall well-being as much as physical abuse, and it can be a precursor to violence. To make matters worse, having a controlling partner often results in anxiety, depression, trauma, and low self-esteem. So, where can you turn for help?

Based on over a decade of clinical and domestic violence research, You’re Not Crazy-He’s Controlling! will help you identify the psychological constraints that can be predictive of domestic violence, recognize the harmful effects of abuse on your mental and physical health, and gain the power to break free. Using the author’s three-stage recovery model, you’ll be empowered to move out of denial, deconstruct what holds you hostage, and take back your life.

Psychological and physical abuse can be devastating, and having a controlling partner can make you feel as if you’re the one responsible. But you’re not crazy, and it is not your fault! With this important, one-of-a-kind guide, you’ll finally find the clarity of mind, courage, and strength to put an end to the abuse that damages your mental and physical health, and move toward a happier, safer life.