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Since 2006, BuzzFeed has combined technology and creativity to make the most shareable content on the internet, as they’ve grown into an international and pop culture news organization with reach as wide as any legacy media company.

One of BuzzFeed’s most well-liked and trending features is their fun and relatable pop culture quizzes. Now for the first time ever, Running Press and BuzzFeed bring you 200 of their most popular quizzes — including fan favorites and brand-new content — on a variety of topics millennials care about, including TV and movies, love and relationships, music and entertainment, style, travel, food, astrology/personality, friendship, and more. Also included are twenty Would You Rather? sidebars and 100+ photos, all wrapped up with bright, bold graphics and a full-color design.

Some of the quizzes include: What does your favorite fruit say about you? Which Frozen character are you? What classic rom-com is your life? What zodiac sign is perfect for you? Some of the Would You Rather? sidebars include: Would you rather be forced to give up bacon or pizza? Would you rather have the ability to fly or read minds? And more!