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6th April 2017

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Vibrant, fascinating, poetic – a year in living things: all the things we love, all the things we wish we could, all the little things we step over and never know – the best of British wildlife from two superb naturalists and writers‘ CHRIS PACKHAM

From blackbirds, beavers and beetles to tawny owls, natterjack toads and lemon slugs. Every day of the year, winter or summer, in every corner of the British Isles, there’s plenty to see if you know where – and how – to look.

From encounters with the curious black redstart, which winters on our rocky coasts, to the tiny green snowdrop shoots that are the first sign that spring might be round the corner. And from the blossom-time and dawn choruses of April and May into the abundant noisiness of summer, where days start with hawker dragonflies and drowsy bumblebees and end with glow-worms and ghost moths; to autumn when in the early morning mist of London’s Richmond Park male red deer lock horns in competition for a mate.

Nature is always full of surprises – whether it’s the strange behaviour of clothes moths or the gruesome larder of the strike. Distilling two lifetimes’ knowledge, expert insight and enthusiasm, award-winning authors and passionate naturalists Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss take us through the year, day by day, sharing the unexpected delights that we can experience in our skies, beaches, rivers, fields, forests and back gardens. There are all kinds of adventures waiting on your doorstep, any day of the year, all you need is Wonderland.


Chris Packham
Vibrant, fascinating, informative . . . A brilliant bouquet of the best of British wildlife from two superb naturalists and writers . . . A poetic treasury that charts a year in living things, all the things we love, all the things we wish we could, all the little things we step over and never know
Peter Marren
Westwood and Moss are the perfect guides for a seasonal tour of nature's Wonderland. Inspired, friendly and blessed with apparently limitless knowledge, they reveal the when, where and how of nature. But more than that they offer the here, the gift of making you feel present, sharing the wonder and energy of life all around us, from the mountaintops to the city park
This uplifting nature diary highlights natural wonders to experience every day of the year. The expert naturalists behind it are passionate about re-engaging with our wildlife. And, encouragingly, many of the adventures detailed start in our own back gardens
Sunday Times
A beautifully written love letter to the astonishing variety of Britain's wildlife, animal, vegetable and fungal . . . Although such an elegantly written book can be read cover to cover, it could also function as a day-to-day reference. A nice one to keep by your bedside, suggesting what to look out for tomorrow
Choice magazine
An essential companion for all wildlife lovers, taking the reader on a day by day exploration of the wonders of nature across the period of a year
Drawn from their personal experiences and vast knowledge, Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss have detailed a whole year (including a leap day, just to be safe). Each date covers a different species and provides a tantalising glimpse into the natural world . . . The evocative writing will bring to mind the times the reader has seen various species. For those not yet seen, the reader can't help but be inspired, and start to wistfully daydream about seeing them
Horse & Countryside
I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about wild flowers and Britain's wildlife, but Wonderland has taught me a lot about what to watch out for. I like the way it's written in the form of a diary instead of a guide, which makes it more engaging and accessible . . . Fascinating stuff, and it will open your eyes about how rich in wildlife this island is
An uplifting book that reminds readers how benevolent and hospitable even the most apparently insalubrious landscapes can be . . . absorbing enough to read cover to cover
They write with the deep authority of personal, first-hand experience . . . clear, evocative and straightforward, never overwritten or pretentious, but always informative, enjoyable and stimulating
An inspiring guide to exploring