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A dream road trip turned dark nightmare.


Two weeks, 1,500 miles and three opportunities for her husband to save his own life.

It isn’t about his survival – it’s about hers.

Shattered by the discovery of her husband’s affair, Liv knows they need to leave the chaos of New York to try and save their marriage. Maybe the road trip they’d always planned, exploring America’s national parks – just the two of them – would help heal the wounds.

But what Liv hasn’t told her husband is that she has set him three challenges on their trip – three opportunities to prove he’s really sorry and worthy of her forgiveness.

If he fails? Well, it’s dangerous out there. There are so many ways to die in the wilderness; accidents happen all the time.

And if it’s easy to die, then it’s also easy to kill.


What everyone’s saying about Wilderness:

Fast paced and totally twisted. THIS IS A MUST READ . . . I absolutely loved this book. Perfect storyline and beautiful writing’ NetGalley reviewer

A dark, addictive thriller everyone should read this summer‘ Reader review

A superb psychological thriller, with a deeply flawed lead character, pitch perfect storyline and tension that oozes off the pages as you read‘ booksaremycwtches

Absolutely gripping and all-too believable’ Reader review

If you enjoyed Gone Girl, you’ll love this. This is character-driven psychological suspense at its finest . . . This deserves to be a huge best-seller‘ Reader review

Gripping original thriller about the fallout of an extra-marital affair! A MUST READ!!!’ Reader review

‘I absolutely devoured Wilderness! A brilliant psychological thriller with plenty of “love to hate” characters and lots of twists to keep you on your toes!‘ mychestnutreadingtree

‘Boy, can this author write a dark and dangerous character!‘ Reader review

I loved every little surprise, twist and reveal. Wilderness is a dark story of obsession, revenge and forgiveness!’ Reader review

‘A suspenseful story in a gorgeous settingrecommended!‘ NetGalley reviewer

A terrific page-turner . . . I loved it‘ NetGalley reviewer

‘It had an intensity that was at times unbearable, the tension taut, poised to snap at any moment . . . addictive’ mybookishblogspot

Brilliantly written from the first person perspective of a clearly dark and slightly disturbed central character, you can’t help but feel empathy for, and to some degree, even start to root for!’ Reader review

‘A brilliant page-turner! Loved it’ Reader review

‘This dark, psychological thriller is full of suspense and is all about love, infidelity, naked hatred and revenge. The characters are well crafted and carefully developed . . . one of the best and most surprising endings I’ve read in quite a long time‘ NetGalley reviewer

‘I loved this book’ NetGalley reviewer

Brilliantly paced character-driven drama/psychological thriller hybrid with a fascinating central protagonist . . . edge of the seat . . . a great read‘ lizlovesbooks


Praise for B. E. Jones:
The perfect thriller for a long, cold November evening
Claustrophobic and infused with menace. B. E. Jones creates a sinister world of secrets, twists and revelations
Alison Bruce
I got completely sucked in by this . . . An irresistible voice, a unique predicament and a cast of characters that plays acid jazz on your heartstrings. Hard to take and impossible to look away
Catriona McPherson
A dark murder mystery with an intriguing twist . . . If you enjoyed Sarah Pinborough's latest novel, Behind Her Eyes, then give this a try
Sci-Fi Bullentin
A fantastic read
My Weekly
A fabulous, gripping page-turner! Beautifully written and highly recomended
Caroline England
The female's more deadly than the male in this gripping story of a wife planning revenge on her cheating husband on a road trip into America's rugged outback. It's reminiscent of Jane Harper's Force of Nature, as indeed Nature and it's dangers play a part as Liv mentally sets her husband, unwitting love rat Will, tests to pass before she'll forgive him on a 'bonding' trip into the wildernress . . . This has hit thriller written all over it
Peterborough Telegraph