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The Reavley Series World War One Quintet: No Graves as Yet, Shoulder the Sky, Angels in the Gloom, At Some Disputed Barricade, We Shall Not Sleep

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5th June 2014

Price: £9.99

Selected:  ebook / ISBN-13: 9781472223500

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The complete collection of Anne Perry’s masterful Great War series, chronicling the fate of the Reavley family from 1914 to 1918. Perfect for fans of Pat Barker and Sebastian Barry.

1914: No Graves as Yet
In the last idyllic summer of 1914, the battle lines are already drawn. But for Joseph Reavley the summer is shattered by his parents’ deaths in a car accident. His brother Matthew, who works for the secret service reveals that their father, a retired MP, had discovered something sinister, but the evidence has gone missing. And it seems that their deaths may not have been accidental after all…

1915: Shoulder the Sky
It is April 1915 and the world is in the bloody throes of war. Most civilians have little idea of horrors at the Front, and a young war correspondent wants to publish the truth. But then he is found dead in no-man’s land – and it seems that the Germans are not responsible. For Chaplain Joseph Reavley the event has uncomfortable echoes of his own parents’ tragedy, with murder and censorship the dark weapons being secretly employed behind the lines…

1916: Angels in the Gloom
It’s March 1916, and Joseph Reavley is on sick leave, cared for by his sister Hannah. Shanley Corcoran, an old friend, comes to visit. Corcoran confides in Joseph that he’s come very close to completing an invention that will paralyse the deadly German U-boats. Soon afterwards, however, the leading scientist on that project is found murdered, and it’s clear that someone has been betraying secrets to the enemy…

1917: At Some Disputed Barricade
In July 1917, as the sun sets over no-man’s-land, rumours of mutiny grow stronger. After the death of an officer, twelve soldiers are arrested, and it falls to Joseph Reavley to uncover the truth about their involvement. At the same time, his brother Matthew, of the S.I.S, learns of a plot to destroy the only men who can bring about lasting peace…

1918: We Shall not Sleep
It’s 1918, and Joseph Reavley’s regiment has suffered huge losses but all hope that peace is near. Then a young nurse is savagely murdered, and Joseph vows to find her killer. Matthew, is already at the Front to meet a prisoner who claims to be able to identify the shadowy figure betraying his country. If Matthew is able to put a stop to The Peacemaker’s schemes, there will be a chance for lasting peace; if he fails, then freedom and liberty could be all but a distant memory for future generations…


Boston Globe
[An] engrossing page-turner... There's no one better at using words to paint a scene and then fill it with sounds and smells that Anne Perry
Providence Journal
Suspenseful, often heartbreaking and riveting... This is Perry's probing, brooding landscape of the soul, which she masters and makes her own
Nottingham Evening Post
The writer weaves her compelling fiction around a graphic account of the horror of First World War trench warfare that has not been bettered since Sebastian Faulks' Birdsong
Glasgow Evening Times
Very enjoyable and gripping
Perry creates a meticulously detailed backdrop, whether [on the] home front or [the] front lines, while leaving plenty of room for her characters to contemplate issues of honor, loyalty, and love
The Star-Ledger
Perry's bent for action and suspense greatly enlivens the story... She is a careful researcher and adept storyteller. But those talents have taken a quantum leap with the World War I series
Huddersfield Daily Examiner
Perry fans will not be disappointed
New York Times
Praise for Anne Perry: Brilliantly presented, ingeniously developed and packed with political implications that reverberate on every level of British society
Lancashire Evening Post
Perry brings a wealth of historical detail and accuracy to her bestselling novels... A murder mystery made to make you think
Publishers Weekly
Perry cleverly resolves some plot lines while reserving the solution of others for future mysteries... she does a superb job of bringing the grimness and waste to life, in a nice shift of gears from her two 19th-century historical series