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Difficult Conversations

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780749926755

Price: £9.99

ON SALE: 8th June 2006

Genre: Society & Social Sciences

Every one of us faces the need to speak up in difficult situations at some time. We may not like doing it, but not speaking up usually makes matters worse. So how do you communicate to your partner that something they do drives you mad, without it ending in a row? How do you correct or criticise a colleague without generating repercussions that you’ll regret? How do you tell someone clearly of a decision that you know will cause disappointment or provoke strong disagreement? How do you handle conflict? Anne Dickson tells you how. She describes a range of difficult conversations that frequently occur in intimate, social and work situations, and reveals simple but powerful techniques that will help you to transform the situation. You’ll discover how to:·communicate directly and honestly – without damaging your relationships· keep to your point – without backing down or getting into a fight· initiate a discussion – without encountering resistance or attack· offer criticism – without antagonising the other person· manage your anxiety – and develop genuine confidence in your authority· and much, much more.