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Cast iron skillets have been in the news lately as they are healthy to cook with and give a great sear to meat, cook eggs non-stick, and make crispy chicken. It is a workhorse of a pan, which can be used for breakfast through dessert; and it’s economical, as you can buy one and it will last your whole life, and you can hand it down to your children. If you had to pick one pan to own, cast iron is it!
Anne Byrn, of Cake Mix Doctor fame, has carefully curated more than 150 recipes to be made in one simple 12-inch cast iron skillet. These are dishes everyone can enjoy, from appetizers and breads like Easy Garlic Skillet knots to side dishes like Last-Minute Scalloped Potatoes and brunches, and one-pot suppers like Skillet Eggplant Parmesan. And of course, no Anne Byrn cookbook would be complete without her innovative cakes like Georgia Burnt Caramel Cake, pies, cookies like Brown Sugar Skillet Blondies, and other goodies.
The skillet is unique because it’s versatile–it’s works for crusty breakfast casseroles and keeps wowing after dinner to make gooey skillet chocolate chip cookies. And it also has a rich history: it came with European settlers to the New World. It traveled west, sturdy and capable of cooking over an open fire.
And, since many people are confused as to how to care for a cast iron skillet, Anne not only explains the steps to “season” a new pan and teaches how to revive a pan that may not have received much love, but also provides simple instructions on how to make sure your skillet last as long as you want it to. With SKILLET LOVE cooking truly is one and done!