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Heal Your Past to Manifest Your Future

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29th August 2024

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Selected:  Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781648483042

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Manifestation-also known as the law of attraction-is the act of mentally visualizing one’s success. The concept has gained tremendous popularity in mainstream and social media. But for trauma survivors, successful manifestation first involves healing from the pain of the past. Heal Your Past to Manifest Your Future teaches a trauma-informed manifesting approach to help readers regulate their nervous system; reparent their inner child; rewire their brain to release emotional blocks; and achieve the abundance, happiness, and success they deserve.

An empowering guide to help you heal the pain of the past, find emotional balance, and achieve the abundance, success, and happiness you deserve.Has anyone ever told you that you can make good things happen if you just think positively? The law of attraction, which is largely based on the idea that positive thoughts and emotions attract positive outcomes-is one of the most popular self-help movements of the last few decades. But if you’ve experienced trauma, you may struggle to think positively, or feel too anxious to believe in an abundant and joyful future. This is especially true if you have unhealed childhood trauma.Written by a psychologist and trauma expert, Heal Your Past to Manifest Your Future acknowledges the profound impact of past trauma on your ability to imagine, move toward, and create a life you truly love; and offers a three-step process to regulate your nervous system, “reparent” your inner child, and rewire your brain to open to new possibilities.If you’ve been curious about manifestation but are wary of the “hashtag blessed” and “good vibes only” aspects of this practice that are so often front and center on social media, this compassionate guide offers a unique, trauma-sensitive approach to help you heal the past, release emotional blocks, reclaim a sense of safety and hope, and make your dreams a reality.

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