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Our Future is Biotech

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29th August 2024

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Selected: Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781399800174

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Welcome to the biotech revolution
In the last century, technology has transformed the human experience across the world. This has been super-charged by the arrival of the internet, smart phones, AI and machine learning, and created trillion-plus dollar companies and household names like Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Our Future is Biotech explains why biotech is next: because our biggest remaining challenges as a species concern biological systems.

Biotech companies will solve our most intractable problems, from cancer, dementia, obesity and diabetes to elderly care, mental health conditions, and even clean power generation, agricultural production and environmental degradation.

Biotech means that we can all live better, safer, healthier, wealthier, happier, and longer lives.
The industry has already delivered “miracle cures” for several diseases, and there is more to come. But despite this, few people are aware of the phenomenal progress being made. Our Future is Biotech addresses this, explaining what biotech is, what is coming next, and how you might profit from it too.

Tech has been the most important theme for human progress for the last century. Biotech is next.

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Barry Smith, Founder of Sunday Times’ Fast Track 100 probiotics company, Symprove
"A tour-de-force and a book that I found unputdownable. Andrew has seen the way for biotech and brings a unique, insightful and typically plain-english perspective to us all. This is a must read and highly recommended."
Jim Wilkinson, CFO, Oxford Science Enterprises
"An excellent analysis of the life-changing scientific developments occurring in the world right now and a good prod in the ribs to Governments and Regulators to improve the funding environment to ensure we all benefit!"
David Browning, biotech industry veteran and former Chairman of Oxford Bioscience Network (OBN)
"This is an important and extremely timely book which covers many key aspects of the biotech industry. Andrew provides excellent context for all readers no matter what level of knowledge and dives with appropriate depth into so many important areas of dramatic innovation. I thoroughly recommend this book as a clear guide for anyone interested in the sector and its impact on all of us, now and in the future."
Dr Eliot Forster, Professor of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine at the University of Liverpool, CEO of Levicept and Chairman of Avacta plc
"In a world of every greater complexity, biotechnology is at the forefront of the complex. From the medicines we take, to the medical devices that are implanted, to the myriad of apps directing our diet and exercise regimes. Every day we are impacted by the products of this 'biotech revolution'. Even those who specialise in biotechnology can struggle to keep up! Our Future is Biotech is an outstanding, easy to read, anatomy of the impacts that biotechnology will have on all of us, what we need to understand and what we might need to do about it. I urge anyone with an interest in the future to read it!"