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The sequel to the Richard and Judy bestseller A Cold Season. New game Acheron offers you everything you desire . . . at the cost of your soul.

Ben Cassidy promised his mother he would never to return to Darnshaw, the remote village they barely escaped when he was a child. But when his friend, Jessica, kills herself, he feels compelled to investigate.

Jessica was playing a sinister computer game called Acheron, which claims it will give you anything you desire . . . for a price.

As Ben and his friends delve ever deeper into the world of Acheron, good motivations and morality begin to slip, and they find themselves spiralling out of control. Ben could save them all, but the cost for doing so might be too high to pay . . .

Would you?


An itchy tension-cranker of parental paranoia
SFX on A Cold Season
A terrifically chilling tale. A sterling debut which bodes unspeakably well for its author and beyond
The Speculative Scotsman on A Cold Season
A scary read that will chill you to the bone . . . Beware if fact and fiction suddenly start to blur
CrimeSquad.com on A Cold Season
I give A Cold Silence a big 666/666
Horror Hothouse
The writing is great, there are surprises and shocks and this book still delivers the chills
Blue Book Balloon
Ben Cassidy proves himself a worthwhile protagonist as he seeks to defend his family, and the story builds nicely to a climactic final reveal . . . a satisfying return to the world of A Cold Season
Sci-Fi Bulletin
Like Alison Littlewood's earlier books this one is well paced and fast moving and keeps the reader guessing
Spectral Times
The supreme lady of horror . . . creepy from the start. Atmospheric and lyrical . . . Suffice to say it's a gripping book and I envisage awards in its future. Bravo
The method by which the game arranges for people's wishes to come true is fascinating, an excellent idea rich with the potential for stories
Black Static