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An erotic novella with transvesite, drag queen and m/m action by Alcamia Payne

Sanjay Sharma is engaged to be married to Nita Patel but his world is to be turned upside down when he discovers Nita’s kinky twin brother Amal, has a secret. Amal lives a double life as a dynamic gay drag act, called the Hot Chulala and Amal, complicit with his sister has been hiding his secret life.

One day Sanjay sees Amal standing at the bus stop and curious about him, he follows Amal to the Blue Lagoon Lounge, where Sanjay is blown away by the Hot Chulala’s erotic act. Now, he has to walk the tightrope of a burgeoning desire for gay Amal and his betrothal to Nita.

Sanjay owner of his family’s famous spice company, is trying to launch his website for his grandmother’s sexy sauce recipes and Amal is soon the inspiration for a new product line. Sanjay and Amal indulge in a number of kinky activities inspired by Grandma’s hot sauce, but beneath the fun and games, real love is growing.

Disaster is soon to strike when Amal’s father finds out the truth about the Hot Chulala and Sanjay’s engagement to Nita tumbles like a house of cards. Can Sanjay find the key to true love and save the day?