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Aaron Alexander, host of The Align Podcast, delivers the first book to make easy performance trend that is taking top athletes, fitness junkies and longevity medicine practitioners by storm. The Align Method is a way to level up your fitness while age-proofing your body, using movement techniques inspired by yoga, martial arts, chiropractics and more. In 30 days of mindful alignment, readers gain massive long-term health benefits, toned muscles, a faster metabolism, reduced anxiety, better sexual performance and increased energy.

This 30-day plan centres on 5 daily optimisations that can easily be integrated into a workout, mindfulness practice, or just daily life:

*floor sitting * hanging * hip-hinging * spine stacking * nose breathing

These small adjustments can help reinforce messages of strength and well-being at a cellular and a hormonal level, guaranteeing increased physical health. Longevity medicine and exercise is a growing trend with audiences that range from fitness enthusiasts, bio hackers and the ageing – everyone has a way into the topic.