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Long Spoon Lane (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 24)

Long Spoon Lane (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 24)

Not even the police force is free from corruption…

Anne Perry’s bestselling Inspector Pitt novels entice readers into a literary world almost as real as the original, and are perfect for fans of C. J. Samson and Ann Granger. In Long Spoon Lane, flower sellers, costermongers, shopkeepers, and hansom drivers ply their trades, while the London police watch over all. Or so people believe…

‘The period setting allows both some thoughtful debate on a difficult problem and a solution more reassuring than anything you’ll find in tomorrow’s papers’ – Kirkus Reviews

Early one morning, two bombs explode in an East London street. Forewarned of the attack, Thomas Pitt of the Special Branch, arrives in time to chase the bombers to a tenement in Long Spoon Lane. There, two men are arrested and one shot dead; but who and where and is the killer? As Pitt investigates, he uncovers truths more disturbing than the acts of a few misguided idealists. There’s a web of corruption within the police force, and all the clues point to Inspector Wetron of Bow Street as its mastermind. But as head of the sinister Inner Circle, Wetron has powerful allies in every sphere.

What readers are saying about Long Spoon Lane:

‘[Anne Perry] is quite exceptional in her ability to craft a complex plot with wholesome characters in a fascinating period/location. I can barely wait for Pitt’s next adventure’

Totally captivating, I could not put it down

Five stars
Betrayal at Lisson Grove (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 26)

Betrayal at Lisson Grove (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 26)

Surrounded by conspiracy, who can Pitt trust?

Betrayal at Lisson Grove is another fantastic Pitt novel from the master storyteller of the Victorian mystery, Anne Perry. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry.

‘The novel has a totally contemporary feel and is admirably well-written’ – Guardian

It’s 1895 and an increasingly violent tide of political unrest is rising fast all over Europe. Special Branch’s Inspector Thomas Pitt knows that they must find those responsible before England is overrun by reformists intent on overthrowing the government. When he finds himself in pursuit of a suspected terrorist, Pitt has no hesitation in following the chase all the way to France.

But events take a sinister turn when Narraway, Pitt’s superior, is accused of involvement in the death of an Irish informant and abruptly removed from office. Aware that her husband’s own career is also in jeopardy if he is not reinstated, Pitt’s wife Charlotte determines to help Narraway clear his name. As Charlotte and Narraway depart for Ireland and Pitt is drawn deeper into the investigation in France, it becomes clear that outside forces have conspired to separate them at a crucial time in the country’s history. With no one else to trust can they make it back to England and stop the revolt before it’s too late?

What readers are saying about Betrayal at Lisson Grove:

Excellently written and the suspense was kept right through the book’

Couldn’t put the book down. Anne is a gem of a writer’

Keeps you enthralled right to the very end of the book’
Dorchester Terrace (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 27)

Dorchester Terrace (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 27)

Treachery and ambition collide with devastating consequences…

With a traitor among his ranks, Pitt has a difficult case on his hands in Dorchester Terrace, the twenty-seventh novel in Anne Perry’s Thomas Pitt mystery series. Perfect for fans of C. J. Samson and Ann Granger.

‘The always clever Anne Perry infuses Dorchester Terrace with the right amount of intrigue and complex relationships that have made this prolific series one of the finest in modern mystery fiction’ – Bookreporter

1896. Newly promoted to Head of Special Branch, Thomas Pitt is forced to face the danger his new position brings when he uncovers the work of a traitor in his department. Not knowing who to trust, he must unmask the conspirator, whist simultaneously protecting a suspected target, Austrian state visitor Duke Alois.
Meanwhile, Victor Narraway is investigating the mysterious death of Serafina Monserrat. Once the holder of many sensitive, political secrets, Serafina had suffered from dementia in her later years and Narraway is unsure whether what he has uncovered is the confused ramblings of an old woman, or a catastrophic plot which could trigger a major international war.

As the two investigations come ever closer it is clear that bluff and double-bluff are at play. When Pitt finally comes face to face with the suspected traitor will he, knowing the fate of the world is at stake, find the strength to stop the man by any means necessary?

What readers are saying about Dorchester Terrace:

‘Ms. Perry’s attention to period detail is astonishing

Good tension and suspense with a very good twist which catches both the reader, and the protagonist, unawares’

‘As always, the setting is perfect, the plot is interesting and the story is conducted with a sure hand
Death in Focus (Elena Standish Book 1)

Death in Focus (Elena Standish Book 1)

New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry brings us an exciting new thriller of espionage and murder set across Europe in the 1930s. The world is on the brink of war and no one is to be trusted as young photographer Elena Standish becomes embroiled in a terrifying game of cat and mouse…

It is 1933 and Europe is a place of increasing fear and violence. Young British photographer Elena Standish is on assignment in Amalfi when she meets Ian Newton, a charming Englishman with whom she falls in love. But what does she really know about him?

Accompanying him on a train across Italy to Paris, she finds him critically stabbed and dying. He tells her he is a member of Britain’s Secret Service, on his way to Berlin to warn MI6 so that they can foil a plot to assassinate one of Hitler’s vilest henchmen and blame Britain for it, thus causing a devastating diplomatic crisis. Elena promises to deliver the message. But she is too late, and finds herself fleeing for her life.

Meanwhile Lucas Standish, secret head of MI6 during the war, learns that his beloved granddaughter is being hunted in Berlin for murder. With Elena on the run, and at least one traitor in the British Embassy, it is impossible to know who to trust…

Praise for Anne Perry’s previous novels:

‘A brilliant Victorian police procedural in which well-realized characters and settings are fascinating in themselvesBooklist

Engrossing… Perry has always excelled in courtroom scenes and arguments between barristers, and she outdoes herself in two dramatic trials’Washington Times Daily

‘Perry balances plot and character neatly before providing a resolution that few will anticipatePublishers Weekly
A Dangerous Mourning (William Monk Mystery, Book 2)

A Dangerous Mourning (William Monk Mystery, Book 2)

A shocking stabbing leads Monk to an astonishing solution…

In the second novel to feature William Monk and Hester Latterly,
New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry weaves a gripping mystery in A Dangerous Mourning, as the death of a young woman leads the pair into the upper echelons of society and the secrets that lie there. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Ann Granger.

‘Perry [has two] strengths: memorable characters and an ability to evoke the Victorian era with the finely wrought detail of a miniaturist’ – Wall Street Journal

No breath of scandal has ever touched the aristocratic Moidore family. London’s wealthiest and most influential can often be found taking tea or dining in the opulent family mansion of Sir Basil Moidore in Queen Anne Street.

Now Sir Basil’s beautiful widowed daughter has been stabbed to death in her own bed, a shocking and incomprehensible tragedy. Inspector William Monk is ordered to find her killer without delay – and in a manner that will give least pain to her family.

Handicapped by his inept supervisor and the lingering traces of amnesia, Monk gropes warily through the silence and shadows that obscure the case. But with the intelligent help of Hester Latterly, he begins to approach the astonishing solution, step by dangerous step.

What readers are saying about A Dangerous Mourning:

Great period atmosphere, excellent story with a good twist at the end’

Excellent background, interesting protagonists and fascinating insight into historical period’

Historical fiction at its best
Dark Assassin (William Monk Mystery, Book 15)

Dark Assassin (William Monk Mystery, Book 15)

The two figures had been on the bridge. He had grasped hold of her. To save her, or to push her?

Newly appointed Inspector Monk faces a sinister murder plot in Dark Assassin, the fifteenth novel featuring the enigmatic detective from the Queen of Victorian crime, Anne Perry. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry.

‘Brilliant… That rare blend of novel that’s a page-turning thriller yet literary… Dark Assassin continues Author Perry’s peerless tradition of blending compelling plotting with finely realized human emotion and superb period detail’ – Jeffery Deaver

Inspector William Monk is still feeling his way in a new post in the Thames River Police and knows he must solve the mystery to gain the respect of his men. Soon both he and Hester find themselves powerfully involved in the story of the dead woman, Mary Havilland, and her quest to vindicate her father, found dead two months previously. An engineer working for the Argyll Construction Company, James Havilland was convinced a major disaster would happen in the tunnels where London’s desperately needed new sewer system was being built. Maddened by his obsession, he’d apparently shot himself. Mary had never accepted that and now she was dead too. Was it chance or something more sinister?

What readers are saying about Dark Assassin:

‘Anne Perry surpasses each novel she writes with further brilliance. This is a complex, superbly crafted plot

‘Perry is so convincing in her research and her prose is exquisite

Excellent story, really could not put it down. Well written, atmospheric, I felt I was there with the characters’
A Christmas Guest (Christmas Novella 3)

A Christmas Guest (Christmas Novella 3)

Playing detective, Grandmama has one of her more exciting Christmases…

The third of Anne Perry’s delightful Christmas novellas, A Christmas Guest, depicts, with humour and compassion, one woman’s discovery of the true meaning of Christmas. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry.

‘The characterisation is superb. The period feel is excellent… a real page-turner’ – Historical Novels Review
Mariah Ellison isn’t merely disappointed to learn that she won’t spend Christmas at home with her married granddaughter: she is furious. Instead, Grandmama is being packed off to a house in the Romney Marshes to stay with her ex-daughter-in-law. Never having got on with Caroline, Mariah much disapproves of her new husband: decades younger than her, Joshua, an actor, is scarcely even respectable. There will be nothing to do, no one to visit, and no doubt the terrible weather will make even taking a walk impossible. It is going to be the worst Christmas of Grandmama’s life.

As if that weren’t enough, another visitor is foisted on the household. Then something shocking and quite unexpected happens. Has a crime been committed? Grandmama is surprised to find herself turning detective – another profession she deplores – and proving extremely good at it.

What readers are saying about A Christmas Guest:

‘It was a lovely Christmas read… Perry has done a remarkable job of bringing the Victorian traditions to life

‘Another gripping story by Anne Perry’

Five stars
A New York Christmas (Christmas Novella 12)

A New York Christmas (Christmas Novella 12)

Dark secrets that threaten the highest of New York society will lead Jemima Pitt into danger…

Thomas Pitt’s daughter Jemima, now a young woman, leads the cast of Anne Perry’s enthralling festive mystery A New York Christmas. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry.

‘Poignant… should be on the Christmas stocking list of anyone who likes a sniffle of nostalgia’ – Washington Times

New York, 1904, Jemima Pitt arrives in a city where new American money and old English aristocracy collide. She’s here to chaperone her friend, Delphinia, who has crossed the ocean to marry one of New York’s richest men, but Jemima discovers a secret that could destroy Phinnie’s future.

Drawn into the crisis, Jemima desperately wants to protect her friend. And she must use all her courage and wits to decide whom to trust, and how to thread her way through the snowy streets of this brash new city.

What readers are saying about A New York Christmas:

‘A must buy must read! A first class brilliant murder mystery

‘The descriptions of New York at Christmas were fantastic

Five stars
Cain His Brother (William Monk Mystery, Book 6)

Cain His Brother (William Monk Mystery, Book 6)

William Monk faces his most bizarre case to date…

In the foggy streets of Victorian London, Investigator Monk continues to solve the city’s crimes and murders, with Cain His Brother being the sixth instalment of Anne Perry’s mystery series featuring the popular detective. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry.

‘Just when you think you have it figured out, think again! No one can capture and bring to life the drama, excitement, and feel of Victorian England like Perry’ – Mostly Murder

Genvieve Stonefield’s husband Angus is missing when she seeks William Monk’s help to find him. She is convinced that he has been murdered by his twin brother Caleb, a shadowy figure who lives in the slums bordering the Thames and has always hated his respectable businessman brother. Although worried about Hester Latterly’s health as she nurses victims of a typhoid outbreak in Limehouse, and threatened by a personal scandal, Monk is determined to bring one of the most bizarre cases he has ever encountered to its conclusion.

What readers are saying about Cain His Brother:

‘This is the best one in the Monk series… this novel has a most baffling conclusion and left me reeling in surprise

Lots of twists to the tale, it’ll have you hooked

Five stars
Defend and Betray (William Monk Mystery, Book 3)

Defend and Betray (William Monk Mystery, Book 3)

Can Monk beat the clock and prevent an innocent woman from going to the gallows, before it’s too late?

The third novel featuring Investigator Monk is a thrilling mystery of Victorian England from the acclaimed author Anne Perry. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry.

‘A richly textured and timeless novel of suspense. Anne Perry’s Victorian England pulsates with life and is peopled with wonderfully memorable characters’ – Faye Kellerman

After a brilliant military career in India, General Thaddeus Carlyon finally meets death not in the frenzy of battle, but at a London dinner party, in what appears to be a freak accident. But the General’s beautiful wife readily confesses that she killed him – a story she clings to even under the shadow of the gallows.

Investigator William Monk, nurse Hester Latterly and Oliver Rathbone, counsel for the defence, work feverishly to break down the silence of the accused and her husband’s proud family; and with the trial only days away they inch towards the appalling heart of the mystery.

What readers are saying about Defend and Betray:

‘As brilliant and absorbing as ever… This was gripping. Great writing and brilliant characters

Catches the atmosphere of the time really well. Anne Perry always tells a great story, keeps you turning pages and always wanting more

‘A very good read. Hooked from front page to last
A Funeral in Blue (William Monk Mystery, Book 12)

A Funeral in Blue (William Monk Mystery, Book 12)

To solve the case, Monk must face the demons of his past…

Monk comes up against a former adversary in Anne Perry’s gripping murder mystery A Funeral in Blue. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry.

Funeral in Blue captures and retains the reader’s undivided attention… The plot is intriguing on its own, but it becomes fascinating as Perry, with each new avenue of the investigation, seamlessly explores the nature of truth and the price at which it comes’ – Virginian Pilot

When her brother arrives on her doorstep, Hester Monk is shocked – as much by the unexpectedness of the visit as by the reason for it. For since her marriage to Monk, Charles and his elegant wife, Imogen, have kept their distance. But now Charles needs Hester’s help. He believes Imogen is having an affair – there can be no other explanation for her recent strange behaviour.

However, before Hester is able to investigate, a tragedy occurs. In a nearby artist’s studio two women have been brutally killed. Having left the police force with extreme ill feeling between himself and his superior, the last thing Monk wants to do is face the demons of his past. But, in the course of his work, Monk is left with no choice but to visit his old adversary, Runcorn, and involve himself with the sensational murder case.

What readers are saying about A Funeral in Blue:

‘The mystery appears unsolvable and there is a dramatic denouement with the inclusion of an unlikely ally’

‘A riveting mystery wrapped up in the dark and seedy side of Victorian London’

‘Anne Perry is the best Victorian crime [writer] I have ever read’
Slaves and Obsession (William Monk Mystery, Book 11)

Slaves and Obsession (William Monk Mystery, Book 11)

All’s fair in love and war…

The advent of the American Civil War brings new intrigue to Monk’s Victorian London in Anne Perry’s masterful novel Slaves and Obsession. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Ann Granger.

‘Perry has here provided a meticulously plotted crime story with alibis and deception leading unerringly to the solution’ – Scotsman

In the American Civil War the opposing armies are desperate for arms. A London trader selling weapons to the South faces a moral dilemma when his daughter, in love with a Confederate, insists he change sides. When he is brutally murdered, her lover is the immediate suspect. William and Hester Monk must bring the pair back from the front line in America to face justice in an English court.

What readers are saying about Slaves and Obsession:

One of Anne Perry’s best…A really enjoyable and gripping book’

‘A riveting mystery wrapped up in the dark and seamy side of Victorian London’

‘Anne Perry is the best Victorian crime [writer] I have ever read’
The Angel Court Affair (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 30)

The Angel Court Affair (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 30)

With the nation’s safety at stake, Thomas Pitt must face a lethal enemy…

The Angel Court Affair is the thirtieth novel in Anne Perry’s popular series featuring Thomas and Charlotte Pitt, along with favourite characters Vespasia and Narraway. Perfect for fans of C. J. Samson and Ann Granger.

‘Be prepared for another well-deserved vacation to Victorian London with Anne Perry as the most cunning tour guide you will ever need… She is one of the best’ – Bookreporter

When Commander Thomas Pitt is ordered to protect a young woman visiting London from Spain, he cannot see why this is a job for Special Branch. When she disappears in the dead of night from Angel Court, however, he is faced with a dangerous mystery. Sofia preached new, and some say blasphemous, religious ideals, and her life had been threatened. But Pitt senses there is some deeper and more dangerous reason for her kidnap – if that is what it is.

Three men are caught up in the hunt for Sofia – her cousin, a banker for the Church of England, a popular and charismatic politician, and a journalist who seems determined to goad Pitt to the truth. Each seem to be hiding something, and as the search for answers stretches from London to Spain, Pitt knows that time is running out, and the nation’s security could be at stake…

What readers are saying about The Angel Court Affair:

A fascinating read. Anne Perry seems to get better and better as her series evolve. The characters remain fresh and new insights are added’

‘The atmosphere of turn of the century London is so absorbing and tangible that you can almost feel yourself shrouded in a cold blanket of East End fog and hear the Hansom carriages clatter along the streets’

‘[Anne Perry’s] books are always gripping and beautifully written
Sins of the Wolf (William Monk Mystery, Book 5)

Sins of the Wolf (William Monk Mystery, Book 5)

With Hester arrested for murder, the stakes are high…

To save Hester Latterly from the noose, William Monk must solve the case with greater urgency than ever before in Anne Perry’s unputdownable mystery Sins of the Wolf. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Ann Granger.

‘A mesmerizing courtroom drama [and] a plot that’s filled with surprising twists and unexpected suspense’ – Booklist

When nurse Hester Latterly accompanies the elderly Mrs Mary Farraline on a short trip to London, her only medical duty is to ensure her charming patient takes her heart medicine. But Mrs Farraline dies during the night. When her missing brooch ‘turns up’ in Hester’s possession she is arrested for theft, until a post-mortem reveals a lethal dose of medicine in Mrs Farraline’s body, and the charge becomes murder. Inspector William Monk must find a killer amongst the aloof Farraline clan, and in a Scottish courtroom the family’s secrets will be exposed – or buried for ever.

What readers are saying about Sins of the Wolf:

I couldn’t put this volume down; it was such a good read

‘Was enthralled from beginning to end’

One of [Anne Perry’s] best, very well put together’
No Graves as Yet (World War I Series, Novel 1)

No Graves as Yet (World War I Series, Novel 1)

In the last idyllic summer of 1914, the battle lines are already drawn…

In No Graves as Yet, the first novel of her World War I quintet, Anne Perry weaves an evocative tale of one family unravelling the secrets that surround them, while the country is on the brink of war. Perfect for fans of Pat Barker and Sebastian Barry.

‘An auspicious read thus it is wonderful that this is the first of a five-novel sequence… this dazzling story is one of sheer brilliance… It’s just so, so beautiful’ – North Wales Chronicle

In Cambridge, the golden June days seem timeless. But for Joseph Reavley the summer is shattered by his parents’ deaths in a car accident. Bringing the terrible news, his brother reveals that their father, a retired MP, had been travelling to see him about a sinister plot he had discovered. Matthew’s job in the secret service means that he would understand the mysterious document their father possessed, but now it is nowhere to be found. Returning after the funeral with their two sisters, Joseph and Matthew become convinced that their parents’ house has been searched. As their suspicions grow, they visit the scene of the crash and find subtle evidence that their deaths may not have been accidental after all.

What readers are saying about No Graves as Yet:

‘One of the most profound and rich evocations of… England, 1914′

One of the best books I have read – wonderful

[This book] will stay with me forever
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