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Blogpost at the Scottish Book Trust website on the Moniack Mhor SF/Fantasy Writing Course

(An introductory essay about the writing course being tutored by Ken MacLeod and myself.) The question ‘what is science fiction?’ has remained constant ever since the cultural mainstream started taking notice of the genre back in the mid-1960s, with the arrival of the New Wave writers (like Robert Silverberg, JG Ballard, Ursula LeGuin, Mike Moorcock, John […]

The Shadowkings – they’re baaaaack!

Waaay back at the start of the century, ho ho, my first novel, Shadowkings, was published by Simon & Schuster’s SFF imprint, Earthlight, itself a labour of love by its editor, John Jarrold, who was the one who decided to take me on as a new author. Sadly, various corporate shenanigans led to John bowing out […]

from Glasgow to Stockholm and back again

Yes, tis now the week after my significant trip to Sweden, to be one of the guests at Swecon-Fantastika 2013. I had a tremendous time, and was absolutely knocked out by the courtesy and kindness of Swedish fans (and those who came from Finland, Norway and surrounding regions). I shall blog some more about this […]

Welcome To The Machine

Steampunk, eh? It’s a funny old subgenre – although the roots of its modern iteration seem to take in Blaylock and Powers (by long, diversionary way of Verne and Wells), its proliferation across internet cultures is producing some unforseen irruptions, like bizarre hothouse hybrids unfurling in humid shadowy corners. Most obvious is the whole cosplay […]

My Short Story Collection, Iron Mosaic, Now Out As An Ebook

And here you see the cover, as created by Gary Gibson, for my collection, Iron Mosaic, now appearing under the Brain In A Jar imprimatur, available from AmazonUK. And LO! for here is the link:  

Wonderfully Weirdly Wonderful – Fiction By Peri Urban

Well, I ask you, what use is this immensely powerful, people-swaying soapbox of mine if I can’t from time to time use it to point out the splendiferous artworks produced by colleagues and buddies, eh, eh? To that end, I bring you Edinburgh writer, composer, musician, artist, beans-on-toast-with-melted-cheese maestro, the one, the only ….. Peri Urban! (whose […]

‘Death’s Angels’ by William King, Out For Kindle

Even though Bill King’s most excellent book, Death’s Angels, being the first part of the Terrarch Chronicles, is appearing in several European countries, it has been unable to find a home here in Britain, the country of his birth. Until now. You can buy the book in all its english-language glory at Amazon’s kindle store […]

Robert Holdstock, Hail And Farewell

This post was going to be about the various kinds of crappyness assailing the body p0litic, both here and in the USA (where our masters dwell). But then I got word from Dave Wingrove about Rob Holdstock, that he had passed away the day before yesterday. Which is awful beyond words. I knew that he’d […]

SF/Fantasy Book Size Poll

As a matter of curiosity, given that the book trade and book buyers have been living with the prevalence of the Trilogy for a few decades now, I have been wondering just what readers think of the whole trilogy/series/standalone thang. And now here’s a poll by which  we might come a little closer to the […]

Interview Over At Dave Brendon’s Fantasy & SciFi Weblog

Like the title says, a short interview done with David Jooste and which you can read by clicking yon wee linky thing….

Primeval S3 Ep5: Wince And Wince Again

Well, maybe the scriptwriters saw this episode as a homage to the Quatermass Experiment. God knows it wasn’t a homage to writing that made any kind of rational sense. Characters doing stupid things just to keep the plot moving along, like having a Rich Berk’s PA stupidly assume that the anomaly that appears before him is […]

BookGeek Panel: Authors Get On Down With The Punditry

The rather fine Bookgeeks website does this author panel-commentary from time to time, in which a group of authors ponder and ruminate upon writerly matters and it’s all fascinating stuff. Yours truly was invited to take part in the third of these webwide authorial summits, and you can read the coruscatingly collated results… …Here! – […]

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