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‘SPLINTERED SUNS’ Cover reveal – complete with senses-shattering soundtrack!

The monthly SciFiNow were very kind enough to help out with the reveal for my forthcoming book, SPLINTERED SUNS, by showing it on their website. Here’s the link to it, which includes a teaser summary […]

My Eastercon Schedule – Manucunicon 2016

So come the end of next week I shall be hying myself hence to fabled Manchester, in search of enlightenment and shantih in the company of wise souls and skilled sensei of the SF Way….which […]

Blogpost at the Scottish Book Trust website on the Moniack Mhor SF/Fantasy Writing Course

(An introductory essay about the writing course being tutored by Ken MacLeod and myself.) The question ‘what is science fiction?’ has remained constant ever since the cultural mainstream started taking notice of the genre back […]

The Shadowkings – they’re baaaaack!

Waaay back at the start of the century, ho ho, my first novel, Shadowkings, was published by Simon & Schuster’s SFF imprint, Earthlight, itself a labour of love by its editor, John Jarrold, who was […]

from Glasgow to Stockholm and back again

Yes, tis now the week after my significant trip to Sweden, to be one of the guests at Swecon-Fantastika 2013. I had a tremendous time, and was absolutely knocked out by the courtesy and kindness […]

Humanity’s Fire Book Movie (late arrival)

Cannot believe that I somehow forgot to post the link here to the movie-trailer for The Ascendant Stars – it was on the list of posts and reachouts to fulfill but….ach, must have had a […]

Live Review: Black Crowes, Glasgow O2 Academy, March 27th

Another in a continuing series, a concert review from the Progmeister General! CROWES SOAR OVER GLASGOW…….. AT LAST! (RATING – 5 CROWS NESTS; ATTENDANCE 4000 APPROX (SOLD OUT); TOTAL PLAYING TIME 2 HRS 15 MINS) So almost ten […]

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Eastercon 8-Squared Con, Bradford

Would have posted comments on this years Eastercon (main GOH Walter Jon Williams) before now but have been somewhat under the weather (trans – poleaxed by another bout of recurring viral loathsomeness). But here at last is my […]

Progmeister Reviews: Little Feat, Glasgow O2 ABC, Feb 3rd, 2013

  Hello Fans First sorry about no content in last month , but I am afraid I was very ill with a virus. So without further ado here is my review of a truly great […]

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Music Reviews Update

Some of you may recall that I have in the past posted up music/gig reviews from an old callcentre buddy of mine, former drummer with Chasar, Mr Graeme Fleming. We`ll be doing a few more […]

SF-Signal Mindmeld – On Iain Banks’ Culture Books

Nick Sharp at SF Signal was kind enough to invite me to contribute on the matter of the Culture, and what made a great Culture novel. The link will sweep you off to the Mindmeld […]

Orbit Signing, London Forbidden Planet – Debrief

Ah, well, a fine time was had by all, actually. FP treated us kindly, and had us four Orbit writers set up on generous tables down in the book department, and soon after 6pm a […]

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