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Gateway Essentials: Samuel R. Delany

Samuel Ray ‘Chip’ Delany, Jr was born in Harlem in 1942, and published his first novel at the age of just 20. As author, critic and academic, his influence on the modern genre has been […]

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Happy Birthday to Rachel Pollack!

Today, Gateway wishes a very happy to birthday to SF writer, comic book writer and expert on divinatory tarot, Rachel Pollack, born in Brooklyn in 1945. Highly regarded for her influence on the women’s spirituality […]

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Something in the Water: Robert Holdstock and Ken MacLeod

What are the odds of two of Britain’s finest voices in modern speculative fiction being born on the same day?** There must have been sometihng in the water . . . Today is the birthday […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: The Doomed City

One of the great pleasures of working in publishing is seeing books that deserve to do well . . . do well! That might sound a strange thing to say, but sadly, it’s not always […]

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Gateway Essentials: Robert Silverberg

Born in Brooklyn in 1935, Robert Silverberg has been a professional writer since the age og nineteen, widely known for his science fiction and fantasy stories. He is a many-time winner of the Hugo and […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: Grendel by John Gardner

Our latest Masterworks spotlight is a brilliantly-executed retelling of Beowulf from the point of view of the monster, Grendel, with a new introduction by Adam Roberts. Fantasy Masterworks paperback | Gateway eBook   When Grendel […]

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On This Day: John Wyndham

John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris was born on this day in 1903 (or possibly 1902 – it’s a long story), and the world would never look at meteor showers or blonde-haired children in quite […]

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Happy Birthday, Joe Haldeman!

Only five authors have won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards for the same novel, on two separate occasions: Orson Scott Card, Arthur C. Clarke, Ursula K. Le Guin (who was the first to achiev […]

Ray Bradbury Five Years On

Hard to believe it’s been five years since the great Ray Bradbury passed away. We won’t attempt a retrospective; it would be foolish and arrogant to think we could put into context a seventy-year writing […]

Happy Birthday, Chris Moore!

Today, we’re wishing a very happy birthday to artist extraordinaire, Chris Moore! If you’ve been reading science fiction from British publishers over the last forty years, chances are you’ve read a book with a Chris […]

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On This Day: George R. Stewart

George Rippey Stewart was born in Pennsylvania on this day in 1895 and died in California in 1980. A Professor of English at the University of California, he published a number of novels, including two […]

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Gateway Essentials: Hal Clement

‘Hal Clement’ is the nom de plume under which Harry Clement Stubbs wrote science fiction (he used his full name for science articles, and painted as ‘George Richard’). Born in Massachusetts on this day in […]

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