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Whited Sepulchres (William Monk Mystery, Book 9)

Whited Sepulchres (William Monk Mystery, Book 9)

A broken promise opens the door to one of Monk’s most baffling cases…

Whited Sepulchres is the ninth novel in Anne Perry’s Monk series, in which the enigmatic detective becomes embroiled in further mystery and intrigue in the foggy streets of Victorian London. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry.

‘No one weaves plot and subplots as seamlessly as Perry… Fans will be delighted by the long-awaited romantic denouement, which brought tears to my eyes’ – Los Angeles Times

Young Killian Melville is arguably the most brilliant architect of the age; passionate about his art, he is liked by everyone. So when he visits Sir Oliver Rathbone, in need of a lawyer to represent him over his alleged ‘breach of promise’ to marry the daughter of his patron, Rathbone agrees despite his misgivings.

The case is not an easy one. Zillah is beautiful and even-tempered, heiress to a fortune and a good friend. What more could any man want? And why would Melville risk losing the professional reputation he has worked all his life to build?

Frustrated by his client’s refusal to divulge any further information, and convinced he is keeping something from him, Rathbone, his own professional integrity at stake, decides to ask his close friend Hester Latterly for an objective opinion about the case. She, meanwhile, has contacted William Monk to investigate a mysterious family matter from twenty years ago. Little do they realise that the three of them are about to tackle the most baffling and complex case with which they have ever been faced…

What readers are saying about Whited Sepulchres:

‘There were two instances in this book where I nearly dropped it from excitement, disbelief and admiration for an author who continues to keep her readers guessing

‘An enthralling story by Anne Perry with lots of twists and turns and an unexpected ending

A Breach of Promise is Perry’s best work ever. This book was such a satisfying read, from start to finish’
Weighed in the Balance (William Monk Mystery, Book 7)

Weighed in the Balance (William Monk Mystery, Book 7)

The greatest love story… or the greatest murder?

Monk is called on by his friend, lawyer Oliver Rathbone, to help in one of the greatest trials of the century in Anne Perry’s compelling mystery Weighed in Balance. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Arthur Conan Doyle.

‘[Takes] the reader clue-hunting through the glittery courts of Venice, London, and a never-never-land principality. It’s all rich as a warm scone slathered with jam and clotted cream’ – St Petersburg Times

It’s 1859 and throughout Europe tremendous upheavals have taken place. Hester Latterly is nurse to the sick son of a German Baron and his family, who have moved to London from one of the many small principalities between Prussia and Bavaria – and the Baroness tells Hester about her kingdom’s famous royal family…

Handsome Prince Friedrich was one of just two heirs to the crown, considered the perfect match by every woman of the land. But during an affair with Countess Zorah Rostova, he meets the alluring and sophisticated Gisela – with whom he falls deeply in love. He can have Gisela or the crown, but not both. He chooses Gisela, marries her in Venice and, after many years, tragically dies in England.

Now, Countess Zorah, having accused the widowed Princess of murdering Friedrich, is being sued in the biggest slander trial of the century – and the only way that she can defend herself is to prove that Gisela is indeed guilty. But in doing so she must sully the greatest love story that the country has ever known, and that is enough to put her lawyer’s career in jeopardy, too. That lawyer is Oliver Rathbone, who calls on Investigator William Monk to help…

What readers are saying about Weighed in the Balance:

‘Anne Perry takes her knowledge of Victorian society across Europe with the flair and ease of a truly excellent writer

‘Another superb step back in time with murder and intrigue

Five stars
We Shall Not Sleep (World War I Series, Novel 5)

We Shall Not Sleep (World War I Series, Novel 5)

1918, and whilst an end to the war draws ever nearer, Britain’s future is far from certain…

We Shall Not Sleep is the powerful, tragic, final novel in Anne Perry’s World War I quintet. Perfect for fans of Pat Barker and Sebastian Barry.

‘Perry creates a meticulously detailed backdrop, whether [on the] home front or [the] front lines, while leaving plenty of room for her characters to contemplate issues of honour, loyalty, and love’ – Booklist

The war is coming to a close. Joseph Reavley’s regiment has suffered huge losses but all live in hope that peace will soon be upon them, when a further, brutal tragedy strikes the Front. Sarah Price, a young nurse, is savagely murdered and Joseph vows to find the person responsible. Matthew, Joseph’s brother, is already at the Front to meet a prisoner who claims to be able to identify the shadowy Peacemaker, when he becomes implicated in the nurse’s death. If Matthew is to bring the prisoner to the office of the Prime Minister, he must work with Joseph to ensure that Sarah Price’s killer is found. If Matthew is able to put a stop to the Peacemaker’s schemes, there will be a chance for lasting peace; if he fails, then freedom and liberty could be all but a distant memory for future generations…

What readers are saying about We Shall Not Sleep:

This whole series is absolutely wonderful and has made me feel as though I was actually there

‘This is as good as the rest of the books in this five part series’

Anne Perry takes you right into the time and place. You are there, not just reading about it’
Twenty-One Days (Daniel Pitt Mystery 1)

Twenty-One Days (Daniel Pitt Mystery 1)

TWENTY-ONE DAYS is the first in an exciting new generation of Pitt novels, featuring Daniel Pitt, by New York Times bestseller and queen of Victorian crime, Anne Perry.

1910. Sir Thomas Pitt’s son, Daniel, is in the middle of his first case as a barrister when he is summoned to the Old Bailey for an important trial. Renowned biographer Russell Graves is charged with the brutal murder of his wife and Daniel must assist in his defence.

When the jury finds the accused guilty, Graves insists he has been framed. He is writing a shocking exposé of a powerful figure, revealing state secrets so damning that someone might well have wanted to silence him.

With the reputations of those closest to him at stake, Daniel has twenty-one days to uncover the truth and ensure that an innocent man isn’t sent to the gallows . . .

‘Anne Perry’s Victorian mysteries are marvels of plot construction’ New York Times
Triple Jeopardy (Daniel Pitt Mystery 2)

Triple Jeopardy (Daniel Pitt Mystery 2)

The second thrilling mystery in an exciting new generation of Pitt novels, from the New York Times bestselling author and queen of Victorian crime, Anne Perry.

‘Anne Perry’s Victorian mysteries are marvels of plot construction’ New York Times

Daniel Pitt is delighted that his sister is visiting London with her American husband Patrick, a policeman, and their young daughters. But Patrick’s trip has another purpose, for which he enlists Daniel’s help.

Philip Sidney, a young British diplomat, is accused of robbery and assault in Washington, but he has taken diplomatic immunity and fled to England. The perfect opportunity to obtain justice presents itself when Sidney is accused of a small embezzlement at the British Embassy in the USA, but as Daniel digs deeper into the case it becomes clear that vengeance is involved.

When a witness is murdered in America suspicion of guilt falls on Sidney. But is somebody trying to frame him? And, if so, who and why? Daniel follows a trail that uncovers another murder, and leads from Washington to the idyllic Channel Islands, then to a dramatic scene in court that almost defies belief…
Treachery at Lancaster Gate (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 31)

Treachery at Lancaster Gate (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 31)

When those in power conceal their own crimes, Thomas Pitt must uncover the truth…

Treachery at Lancaster Gate is the thirty-first novel in Anne Perry’s acclaimed mystery series featuring Thomas and Charlotte Pitt, along with the ever-popular characters of Vespasia and Narraway. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sherlock Holmes.

‘A page-turning thriller… blending compelling plotting with superbly realized human emotion and exquisite period detail’ – Jeffery Deaver

Thomas Pitt arrives at a devastating bombing in Lancaster Gate to find two policemen dead and three more gravely wounded. London’s anarchists are blamed, but as Pitt and Inspector Tellman investigate they find it looks increasingly like a personal vendetta against those particular men. Did they lie about a drugs raid that went fatally wrong, and let an innocent man hang?

The idea of police dishonesty cuts Tellman to the quick – he joined the force to protect society, not exploit it. But he must uncover the truth, however much he wants to resist the signs of blackmail and corruption. With the threat of further bombings, and their superiors pushing for a quick resolution, Pitt and Tellman find their every move scrutinised, and their own lives suddenly at risk…

What readers are saying about Treachery at Lancaster Gate:

‘Anne Perry just gets better and better

‘This was gripping from the first to last page’

‘[Anne Perry’s] books are always gripping and beautifully written
Traitors Gate (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 15)

Traitors Gate (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 15)

A body is found floating towards Traitors Gate – a coincidence, or symbolic?

In the fifteenth novel in the Thomas Pitt mystery series, Thomas and Charlotte must battle against the political games at play in the foggy streets of Victorian London. Perfect for fans of C. J. Samson and Ann Granger.

‘Perry’s infallible feeling for the historical moment yields animated political views of Victorian society at play’ – New York Times Book Review

Someone in the Colonial Office is passing secrets to Germany about England’s strategy on Africa. While Police Superintendent Thomas Pitt investigates this matter of treason, he is quietly looking into the tragic death of his childhood mentor, Sir Arthur Desmond. Pitt believes that Sir Arthur was murdered, and that the crime is connected with the treachery in the government. And when the strangled body of an aristocratic society beauty is found floating near lonely Traitors Gate, Pitt and his clever wife, Charlotte, begin to see clearly the pattern of tragedy and frightening evil that Pitt must deal with, at the risk of his career – and his life.

What readers are saying about Traitors Gate:

‘Another excellent Anne Perry’

She takes you into the heart of Victorian London

Five stars
Three Debts Paid (Daniel Pitt Mystery 5)

Three Debts Paid (Daniel Pitt Mystery 5)

Three Debts Paid is the fifth gripping instalment in an exciting new generation of Pitt novels from the pen of highly acclaimed crime writer and New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry.

It is February 1912 when barrister Daniel Pitt is reunited with his old college friend, Inspector Ian Frobisher. Following allegations of plagiarism, one of their Cambridge University professors has committed an assault, and Ian has recommended that Daniel defends him.

Meanwhile, Daniel’s dear friend Miriam fford Croft has returned to London as a newly qualified forensic pathologist and is working with eccentric Dr Evelyn Hall. On Daniel’s first visit to the morgue, he is shocked to find Miriam examining the mutilated body of a young woman and, what’s worse, it is being compared to another corpse bearing identical wounds. As rumours spread of a serial killer, nicknamed ‘the rainy-day slasher’, stalking the streets of London, Daniel hears that Ian Frobisher is in charge of the case.

So begins the harrowing pursuit of a brutal murderer whose killing spree is far from over…
The Whitechapel Conspiracy (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 21)

The Whitechapel Conspiracy (Thomas Pitt Mystery, Book 21)

Despite the loss of his job, Pitt is still intent on his pursuit of justice…

A bitter resentment from a powerful source ensures Pitt gets more than he bargained for in Anne Perry’s gripping mystery, The Whitechapel Conspiracy. Perfect for fans of C. J. Samson and Ann Granger.

‘A beauty, brilliantly presented, ingeniously developed and packed with political implications that reverberate on every level of British society… Pitt delivers Perry’s most harrowing insights into the secret lives of the elegant Victorians who have long enchanted and repelled her’ – New York Times Book Review

When evidence presented in court by Thomas Pitt leads to the execution of a distinguished soldier and archaeologist, the retaliation from the hanged man’s influential friends is swift. The murderer was a member of the Inner Circle, a group of men whose power extends further than Pitt realised was possible, and, within days, he loses command of the Bow Street police station. To protect him from the Inner Circle’s hatred, he is forced to leave his family to work undercover in the dangerously volatile East End.

What readers are saying about The Whitechapel Conspiracy:

One of the best of the Pitt books. There was so much excitement and intrigue, I could hardly put it down

‘The combination of intriguing plotting and the period touches make it a great read

Breathtaking to the last page
The Twisted Root (William Monk Mystery, Book 10)

The Twisted Root (William Monk Mystery, Book 10)

A missing bride and a murdered coachman – what links the two?

With a plot twist around every corner, Anne Perry’s The Twisted Root is a thrilling journey into the dark underbelly of Victorian society, and features her ever-popular detective William Monk. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Arthur Conan Doyle.

‘This is a story with twists and turns aplenty. The ending is the biggest twist of all’ – St Louis Post-Dispatch

For Miriam Gardiner, at her engagement party at the London home of her fiancé, Lucius Stourbridge, it should have been one of the happiest days of her life. But, leaving suddenly, Miriam disappears without a trace. Reluctant to cause a scandal, Lucius seeks out William Monk and tells him that the only lead concerns their coachman, Treadwell, who is also missing. Monk, not usually a sentimental man, is moved by Lucius’s distress, and assumes that his recent marriage to Hester Latterly is to blame. When Treadwell’s murdered body is found, Monk becomes convinced that his death is linked to a terrible secret in Miriam’s past that someone, desperate keep it hidden, has killed for, and may well do so again, unless he can stop them.

What readers are saying about The Twisted Root:

‘A riveting mystery wrapped up in the dark and seamy side of Victorian London’

‘Anne Perry is the best Victorian crime [writer] I have ever read’

I feel she must have hitched a ride in Dr Who’s Tardis and has [brought] back the very Victorian sensibility with which she furnishes her books. Amazing
The Time of Murder at Mayerling (Nicholas Segalla series, Book 3)

The Time of Murder at Mayerling (Nicholas Segalla series, Book 3)

A shocking shooting hides long-buried secrets…

The Time of Murder at Mayerling is the third novel in Paul Doherty’s Nicholas Segalla series. Perfect for fans of Anne Perry and C.J. Sansom.

Vienna, 1889. Glittering entertainments hide a world of sinister political intrigue at the court of the Hapsburgs. But this protected bubble explodes when horrifying news comes to light that the heir to the throne, the handsome Archduke Rudolph, shot his mistress before turning the gun on himself at the imperial hunting lodge at Mayerling. Is there more to the story than meets the eye? Rumours of foul play soon began to surface as Vetsera’s body is hurriedly buried in secrecy and the government suppress any inquiry. Scholar Nicholas Segalla is forced to risk his own life and uncover the truth behind the spectacular cover-up as he attempts to expose a murderer with a very surprising connection to the doomed prince.

What readers are saying about Paul Doherty:
Riveting story’
‘Paul Doherty’s books are a joy to read
The sounds and smells of the period seem to waft from the pages of [Paul Doherty’s] books’
The Testimony of the Hanged Man (Inspector Ben Ross Mystery 5)

The Testimony of the Hanged Man (Inspector Ben Ross Mystery 5)

A hanged man would say anything to save his life. But what if his testimony is true? Inspector Ben Ross is determined to uncover the truth in The Testimony of the Hanged Man, the fifth thrilling Victorian crime novel in Ann Granger’s historical series. The perfect read for fans of Wilkie Collins and Anne Perry.

‘A highly enjoyable series’ – Scotsman

When Inspector Ben Ross is called to Newgate Prison by a man condemned to die by the hangman’s noose he isn’t expecting to give any credence to the man’s testimony. But the account of a murder he witnessed over seventeen years ago is so utterly believable that Ben can’t help wondering if what he’s heard is true.

It’s too late to save the man’s life, but it’s not too late to investigate a murder that has gone undetected for all these years.

What readers are saying about The Testimony of the Hanged Man:

‘Without a doubt, Ann Granger is one of our most distinguished crime writers and should be better known’

Not easy to stop reading once you have started

‘An excellent read, and like her previous Victorian detective books, very well researched
The Silent Cry (William Monk Mystery, Book 8)

The Silent Cry (William Monk Mystery, Book 8)

A witness who won’t speak – how will Monk solve the case?

Investigator Monk is called in to help an old friend on one of his most complex cases in
New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry’s unputdownable mystery The Silent Cry. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Ann Granger.

‘[Perry’s] early-Victorian series… has deepened and darkened its insights into the social evils that burdened London’s underclasses’ – New York Times Book Review

In the dead of night in a notorious area of Victorian London’s East End known as St Giles, a factory girl stumbles over the bloody bodies of two City gentlemen. When Detective John Evan finally arrives at the scene, he is confronted by a most difficult investigation. First he must identify the men. Then he must find out why men of means and social standing would go to such a sordid area. Most importantly, who are their assailants? And how could they escape unharmed and unnoticed?

Mercifully the younger victim is not quite dead. Having sustained terrible internal injuries, he’s later released home from hospital severely traumatised and unable to speak – to be told that the other victim, his father, is dead, and Hester Latterly has been employed to help nurse him back to full recovery.

With too many obstacles impeding his progress, Evan finally enlists the aid of his old friend, William Monk, who, together with Hester’s help, must unravel one of his most complex and shocking cases yet.

What readers are saying about The Silent Cry:

An extraordinary book

‘Challenging right to the end and a thoroughly good read

Five stars
The Shifting Tide (William Monk Mystery, Book 14)

The Shifting Tide (William Monk Mystery, Book 14)

A stolen loot and a dying woman… what is the secret that binds the two?

William and Hester Monk face intrigue and mystery in the docks of Victorian London’s East End in Anne Perry’s gripping novel The Shifting Tide. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Ann Granger.

‘With her visionary sensibility, Anne Perry is the master of the “you are there” school of hist-myst storytelling… [Here are] scenes that could have come out of Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend‘ – New York Times Book Review

When the Maude Idris docks at the Pool of London, laden with ebony, spices and first-grade tusks of ivory collected from her voyage to Zanzibar, Clement Louvain leaves four armed seamen on board to guard the precious cargo. But as soon as the relief for the night watch arrives ready for duty in the morning, he finds the ivory gone and one of the seamen dead. Hindered by his ignorance of the river and its customs, and ashamed of the fact that he so badly requires the huge fees that Louvain is prepared to pay, William Monk nevertheless begins his investigation into the theft and murder.

Meanwhile Hester’s work at the refuge at Portpool Lane is encountering acute financial difficulties. Sick prostitutes are arriving daily and the medicines needed to help them are running out. When a man arrives promising to pay a huge amount of money for the care of one particular woman, Hester is astonished to meet him. He is none other than Clement Louvain. So who is the woman he is so generously helping? And why is he offering such a substantial sum? Will Monk discover what Louvain is hiding before it is too late?

What readers are saying about The Shifting Tide:

The best Monk mystery yet

‘She has sculpted the characters beautifully

‘This novel is a real page-turner; a “curl up, not-put-the-book-down-till-the-last-page” weekend!’
The Sheen on the Silk

The Sheen on the Silk

Amid the danger of political turmoil, Anna moves within circles of intrigue and murder…

Anne Perry’s The Sheen on the Silk is an epic historical novel with a heart-stopping love story at its core, set in the gorgeous, cosmopolitan and enlightened city of Byzantium, in the twilight years of its Empire. Perfect for fans of C.J. Sansom and Susanna Gregory.

‘Remarkable . . . [Anne Perry sets] an engaging personal story against a rich backdrop of events to convey the intrigue and extreme peril that characterized the struggles between the faiths of the countries bordering the Mediterranean in the thirteenth century’ – Star-Ledger

1273 – the gorgeous, cosmopolitan and enlightened city of Byzantium is in acute danger. Only an alliance with the Church of Rome will stop the crusading fervour of the Italian and French troops on its borders, determined to strike through Byzantium to reach Jerusalem. Faced with the prospect of surrendering its gentile Orthodox theology to Roman Catholicism, the city is in turmoil as opposing factions seek to assert their authority.

For Anna, the brutal conflict only echoes her own life. Recently arrived in Byzantium to find out why her brother has been exiled for a murder she believes he did not commit, Anna is forced to pose as a eunuch so that she can move freely in all levels of society. As she does so she finds herself in the middle of intrigues that may not only free, or condemn, her brother, but will also determine the fate of Byzantium itself.

What readers are saying about The Sheen on the Silk:

‘The setting was magnificent

‘The Byzantine court, its people and its problems both internal and international make for an intelligent and unputdownable read

Well written, good story lines, well plotted, and characters that immediately engaged my interest and sympathies
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