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There’s a whole fucking generation washed with this trauma from the moment they were born, by a fault of geography, a misstep that colours our whole lives … how can we ever mend ourselves? Men get fixed first. Or they are allowed not to be fixed. To make mistakes. Women mend. Support. Accept. Men tell us all the stories about ourselves. Even the good ones. Especially the bad ones. Create tight circles of need.
What is it like to step outside all of that? To escape?

Nuala Malin wants nothing more than to escape – from her brooding husband Patsy, from the farm, from the hate and stagnation that is Northern Ireland in 1982, from her life. Only her children, daughter Sam and baby son JP, hold her firm, for now, and so she finds refuge with a seventeen-year-old paper delivery boy with sallow skin and brown eyes. But this can only ever be temporary, a sticking plaster on a festering wound, and when her chance comes to leave, Nuala takes it.

Twelve years later, Sam Malin’s feels stuck, still at school with no hope of escape. The place is still rotten but there are signs of hope and change that Sam scarcely can believe. The past is always at her heels, her mother’s vanishing act the defining moment that nobody, not least her father, will ever talk about. When Sam meets a jagged, magnetic older man, she is drawn to him, he to her. She is more like her mother than she knows.

The Quiet Whispers Never Stop is a story of love, obsession and escape, an uncompromising, lyrical tour-de-force that marks the arrival of an extraordinary new voice in Irish fiction.

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