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Discover ten simple ways to study smart!

There is a lot more to studying than just sitting down at your desk to work. To study most effectively, and boost your learning power, you need to study smart with the proper planning, setting and a healthy growth mindset – find out how in this book. And don’t forget to make time to relax and switch off too!

Ten Goals is a positive, empowering series of books that encourage young people to improve their world, and the world around them, with ten simple, achievable goals. Great reading for children aged 7+.

Titles in the series: Caring Goals/Creative Goals/Green Goals/Money Goals/Study Goals/Wellbeing Goals

The secret to studying
Goal 1: Ditch distractions
Goal 2: Set your space
Goal 3: Make it a habit
Goal 4: Plan, don’t cram
Goal 5: Review before learning new
Goal 6: Say yes to notes
Goal 7: Break it down
Goal 8: Don’t be afraid of mistakes
Goal 9: Find the fun
Goal 10: Give yourself a break