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The final part in this glorious epic of political intrigue, sorcery and romance: Lusara is finally boiling over into rebellion, but the Angel of Darkness has his own plans: for fans of Mercedes Lackey and L.E. Modesitt.

Millennia ago, a great prophecy was forged: the Enemy, the Ally and the Angel of Darkness would come together, and out of their meeting would come chaos and destruction for Lusara and all its peoples.

And now is the time for that prophecy to be fulfilled, for good or ill, for the Enclave, the secret mountain community of those gifted with magical powers, has been exposed and its sorcerers must scatter before those who wish them annihilated can get there.

And hot on the heels of the Enemy, the sorcerer Robert Douglas, and the Ally, Jenn, leader of those hidden magic-wielders, is Nash, the Angel of Darkness – and his powers are fully regenerated . . .

After twenty-five years of tyranny, Lusara is finally boiling over into rebellion!


'One of the best epics of the year' William Thompson, SF Site.
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