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Mammoth Books presents Political Conspiracies and Mind Control

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Bar Codes
Mark Relfe’s book ‘The New Money System: 666’ implies that the average barcode has satanic significance. Can it really be that these codes apparently indicate 666; the mark of the devil and his coming cashless economy?

Bank of Commerce and Credit International
After John Kerry undertook an investigation into BCCI and delivered his report on ‘The BCCI Affair’ to the Committee of Foreign Relations, he recorded a catalogue of larceny by BCCI. Were they really guilty of illegal offences such as narcotics trafficking and money laundering?

The Bilderberg Group
An annual polite discussion on current affairs or a forum in which policy with worldwide implications is shaped? Bohemian Grove: A private camping site for an annual two- week gathering of America’s great and their guests. Some state this event as ‘the greatest men’s party on earth’, while other’s regard it as opportunity to win friends in high places and to secure jobs or contracts. What really goes on at Bohemian Grove when the elite gather?
Bush-Bin Laden Connection
Is it possible that George W. Bush made errors of judgement pre 9/11 because of his family’s ties to the Bin Laden’s? Is it possible that 9/11 could have been prevented?

Is there a cancer cure which is being suppressed by pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishments to keep their multibillion-dollar industry thriving?

There is speculation that the Kennedy family put subtle pressure on the police to avoid scrutinizing this accident too closely. Is this the case, or was Teddy simply telling the truth?

Chechen Bombings
The Russian apartment bombings were supposedly a false-flag FSB operation intended to justify the Russian invasion which started the second Chechnya war.

Club of Rome
Is it true that the Club of Rome wish to use war, disease and famine as the main ways to eliminate “useless eaters”?

Council on Foreign Relations
The Council on Foreign Relations do not deny that they seek to influence the US elite, or that some of their members are part of that elite. So what is it that they really do?

Is it possible that state provision of fluoride in drinking water is a plot by the sweet industry to allow kids to eat all the confectionary they want without harmful dental consequences?

Harold Wilson
Was the British Prime Minister Harold Wilson a KGB stooge?

Holocaust Denial
Who are these Holocaust deniers and what “facts” do they use to support their outrageous claims?

The Iran-Contra Scandal
When Reagan approved the sale of illegal arms to sworn enemy Iran he essentially enabled illegal funding of Contras in Nicaragua in exchange for the freeing of hostages. Was everyone freed, though? And did this bring about peace or did it lead to more illegal dealings?

Was this a mass suicide, or was it mass murder intended to cover-up mind-control experiments?

KAL 007
Could it really be that Korean Airlines jeopardised the lives of so many for financial gain, or were they simply blind to the possibility of mass fatalities?

How far would a wealthy industrialist go to prevent a valuable product from benefiting society?

Moon Landing Hoax
Were all the Apollo landings an astronomical hoax?

Nazi Gold
Did US authorities turn a blind eye to $3 million stolen by its own troops?

Philadelphia Experiment
Did the US Navy cover up invisibility experiments which went hideously wrong?
Ronald Reagan
Did George Bush seek to assassinate Ronald Reagan?

The Royal Institute of International Affairs
To what extent do they influence world agendas?

Star Gate
What is the truth behind the CIA’s psi-operations in the 1970s?

Was it really the Titanic that set sail in April 1912, or another ship masked as the legendary Titanic?
Trilateral Commission
Do the Trilateral Commission control world events?

Vincent Foster
Vincent Foster was a Deputy White House Counsel during the first months of Bill Clinton’s administration. His death was dubbed a suicide by many investigators and officials, but not all the evidence suggests the case is that simple.

Did the FBI deliberately incinerate the Branch Davidians at Waco?

Was Watergate an attempt to bring Nixon down?

Is Microsoft’s Wingdings font designed to convey secret anti-Semitic messages?