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Biuty Queens

Biuty Queens

‘The American dream as seen from the height of a good pair of heels’ From Pedro Almodóvar’s introduction

Chilean Iván Monalisa Ojeda’s novel in stories, Las Biuty Queens, offers a unique insight into the life of New York City’s Latin American trans community.
With cheeky and honest attitude, Monalise explores the life of Latin American transsexuals and transvestites who walk the streets of the Big Apple, smoke crystal meth, attend beauty contests, look for clients on huge heels, fall prey to the new immigration policies of Trump’s America.
A world where laughter, death, survival and love are intertwined, in a city that can offer hope and devastation – often in the space of the same day.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Fiction: Special Features / Short Stories

On Sale: 1st June 2021

Price: £12.99

ISBN-13: 9781474621816


Nobody in Chile writes like Iván Monalisa Ojeda. Nobody has his self-confidence, his insolence, his tenderness. The stories we find in Las biuty queens portray in a fierce way the life of an illegal immigrant in New York. Here glamor and lights coexist with misery and loneliness. The American dream does not exist. Only the fragile voices of this book remain that, in rabid Spanglish, narrate a nightmare as beautiful as it is infinite.
Diego Zuniga
After Pedro Lemebel, Iván Monalisa is the most extraordinary writer in this world of biuty queens.
Sergio Parra
Monalisa is a legend. She lives in New York as an illegal and her stories are about dressed addicts. A powerful pen. He looks a lot like Lemebel, but he has his own voice. Her personality is even more edge, and she doesn't want to make the world a better place with literature. Of survive on an expensive and tough New York is what it's all about. It's like being in a permanent apocalypse.
Carlos Velázquez