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‘I loved these characters, even though I knew it was going to hurt. Heart-wrenching. Poignant. Lovely’ – Brandon Sanderson

The final instalment of the heart-breaking Shattered Kingdoms series.

In the south, the Shadari rebels have thrown off their Norlander oppressors and are struggling to rebuild their desert kingdom – but King Daryan is about to discover a secret cabal that has been working against everything he is trying to do.

Lahlil Eotan has left her great victory in Norland behind her in the hopes of reuniting with King Jachad of the Nomas – before his transformation into a god separates them for ever. But somehow she’s acquired a travelling companion in the form of one Rho Arregador, who won’t let her forget her role in the Shadar’s predicament or in her sister Isa’s chilling transformation.

But Daryan is facing more than treachery and plague: an ancient enemy with unimaginable powers is sailing towards him, determined to claim his country and his people as her own.

‘Inventive . . . absorbing and rewarding’ – Kirkus on the Shattered Kingdoms


Inventive . . . absorbing and rewarding
Kirkus on The Shattered Kingdoms
The suspense, character development, and worldbuilding are all superior, and the ominous tone of the opening is sustained throughout
Publisher’s Weekly on The Shattered Kingdoms
I loved these characters, even though I knew it was going to hurt. Heart-wrenching. Poignant. Lovely
Brandon Sanderson on Blood's Pride
Tor.com on Blood's Pride
A remarkable feat for a newcomer, and leaves me eager for the sequel, Fortune's Blight
Locus on Blood's Pride
Her ability to insert beautiful descriptions into an action-packed scene is certainly the mark of a talented writer and the series only looks set to become more exciting as the story progresses.
British Fantasy Society on Blood's Pride
Intrigue, betrayal and old rivalries play out against the fires of revolution. Hang on for a wild ride!
Gail Z. Martin, author of Chronicles of the Necomancer on The Shattered Kingdoms
Picture the fluent prose and flawless world-building of an author such as Trudi Canavan combined with the epic plot and character lists of an author like Martin and you won't be far off . . . Her ability to contrast beauty with brutality, hope with despair and love with hate will secure this novel as one of the year's finest
Fantasy-Faction on The Shattered Kingdoms