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Buenos Aires, 1981.
Inspector Alzada’s work in the Buenos Aires police force during the Dirty War exposes him to the many realities of life under a repressive military regime: desperate people, angry people and – most of all – missing people.
Personally, he prefers to stay out of politics, favouring a steady job and domesticity with his wife Paula over the path taken by his hot-headed revolutionary brother, Jorge.
But when Jorge is disappeared, Alzada knows he will stop at nothing to recover him.

Buenos Aires, 2001.
Argentina is in the midst of yet another devastating economic crisis.
Alzada is still an inspector: he’s burnt out, frustrated that he hasn’t been able to affect real change, and convinced of the futility of yet another doomed Argentinean attempt at democracy.
This time he is determined to remain a detached bystander, to keep his head down in anticipation of a peaceful retirement with Paula and the nephew they’ve raised together.
However, all his plans are derailed as the riots gain traction and a young woman’s dead body lands in the dumpster behind the morgue on the same day a woman from one of the city’s wealthiest families goes missing.


Admirers of Buenos Aires' impeccable stylishness will be delighted, as will seekers of new brands of fictional police work
An astonishingly assured first novel, written in English by a Spanish lawyer, that is both funny and moving
An accomplished, inventive detective novel thrumming with tension, family secrets, and the trauma of a violent military dictatorship. Seamlessly moving between the Dirty War and the economic crisis of 2001, Eloísa Díaz displays an acute understanding of Argentine history and politics. Repentance is both a riveting noir and a moving exploration of one man's search to repair the past.
Sanaë Lemoine, author of THE MARGOT AFFAIR
This superbly written political conspiracy thriller shuns both sentimentality and cynicism
Repentance is an apt title for this very impressive debut which works on multiple levels. It is an evocative crime thriller with a likeable, self-aware protagonist, but also skilfully explores the darkest period in Argentina's modern history
A powerful crime novel ... Opening old historical wounds that still strongly affect Argentinian society, this is a tale with many layers, many of them painful to evoke and a strong depiction of a country and a period that still simmers between the pages of history books and the crime novel is a perfect way of lancing the boil. Recommended.
Maxim Jakubowski, CRIME TIME