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Digital 101

Digital 101

The perfect guide for kids learning to navigate the online world enjoyably and safely

The Internet can be a fun, creative, collaborative place to share, learn and experience the world and connect with all kinds of people. But being a good digital citizen comes with responsibilities and advisories. Digital 101 will help children aged 7+ navigate this sophisticated and ever-changing form of communication through a series of scenarios, from learning how to set a strong password to how to deal with trolls, and most importantly, knowing when it’s time to step away from the screen and enjoy the real world all around us.

1: Chapter 1: Becoming a digital citizen: the basics
2: What is digital citizenship?
3: Connect, collect & communicate
4: Trusted help
5: Passwords & passcodes
6: Protecting personal details
7: Chapter 2: Welcome to the web
8: A world of websites
9: Cyber searching
10: Social society
11: My networks
12: Hobbies and interests
13: Gaming groups
14: Explaining the world
15: Chapter 3: Good netiquette
16: Netiquette
17: To share or not share?
18: Phone etiquette
19: Messaging aware
20: Chapter 4: Protecting your device
21: Digital maintenance
22: Pop-ups and pitfalls
23: Viruses and malware
24: The latest thing]
25: Chapter 5: Protecting yourself and others
26: Cyber strangers
27: Cyber criminals
28: Online shopping
29: Spot the fake [news]
30: Free speech
31: Digital law
32: Original online work
33: Illegal downloads
34: Chapter 6: Looking after your mind
35: App attack
36: Online addiction
37: Social media and self-image
38: Avoiding adverts
39: Being boys and girls
40: Cyberbullying and trolls
41: Bystanding
42: Information invasion
43: Chapter 7: Looking after your body
44: Prepare to prevent pain
45: Stretch, don’t strain
46: Digital training
47: I’m in trouble
48: Chapter 8: A digital world for everybody
49: Uniting online
50: Educating the world
51: Access for all
52: Digital detox
53: Glossary
54: Index and further info

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