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A Christmas Resolution (Christmas Novella 18)

A Christmas Resolution (Christmas Novella 18)

New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry’s eighteenth enthralling Christmas novella.

When Celia Hooper discovers that her dear friend Clementine is to marry widower Seth Marlowe – a man with a sinister past – she calls upon her husband, Detective John Hooper of the Thames River Police, to help her find out what really happened to Seth’s first wife several years ago. Rumour has it that she killed herself and Seth’s daughter ran away to live on the streets but no one seems to know the truth.

Then Seth accuses Celia of sending him blackmail letters and it quickly becomes clear that she is not the only one trying to stop him from marrying Clementine. With Christmas fast approaching, lines are blurred, relationships are tested and the past won’t stay buried for ever . . .

A Christmas Resolution is an enthralling festive mystery set in Victorian London from the pen of the New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry.
A Christmas Return (Christmas Novella 15)

A Christmas Return (Christmas Novella 15)

A CHRISTMAS RETURN is the 15th novella in the festive series by Anne Perry, the queen of Victorian crime.

As the festive season approaches, Charlotte Pitt’s grandmamma, Mariah Ellison, is facing Christmas alone. When she receives an unexpected gift, memories are sparked of a Christmas in Haslemere long ago, when her beloved friend Cullen Wesley died and a local villager was brutally murdered, with no killer brought to justice.

The unsolved case has resurfaced and Cullen’s grandson, Peter, begs for Mariah’s help to solve the crime that led to his grandfather’s death. Mariah can’t resist a friend in need and she returns to Haslemere to investigate the murder and heal old wounds. But evil still lurks in the picturesque village and she’ll need all her wits about her to see that justice is done.

A Christmas Return is the enthralling new festive tale from the pen of Anne Perry, the master of Victorian crime.
A Christmas Revelation (Christmas Novella 16)

A Christmas Revelation (Christmas Novella 16)

A daring rescue reveals the true meaning of Christmas…

The queen of Victorian crime, New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry returns with the 16th novella in her festive crime series.

Christmas is coming and the streets of London are full of festive cheer. As young Worm returns to his home at the Portpool Lane clinic, he encounters the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and, spellbound, he follows her until she is dragged away by two evil-looking men.

Convinced that she is in grave danger, Worm begs Squeaky Robinson to help him track her down. But Elouise is embroiled with dangerous criminals who want information that only she can tell. They will stop at nothing to get what they want and, with Christmas day fast approaching, Worm and Squeaky must conjure up a daring plan to help Elouise before it is too late.

Praise for Anne Perry’s Christmas novellas: ‘A bite-sized mystery that could be fitted in after your Christmas lunch’ Daily Telegraph
A Christmas Secret (Christmas Novella 4)

A Christmas Secret (Christmas Novella 4)

A shocking discovery seems to indicate that all it not as it seems in an idyllic country village…

Anne Perry’s A Christmas Secret is a compelling Victorian mystery set in the English countryside. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Jacqueline Winspear.

‘Short but highly enjoyable, with Perry’s finely drawn period descriptions providing an engrossing backdrop’ – Good Book Guide

December 1890: Eleven days before Christmas, Clarice and her husband, Reverend Dominic Corde, arrive in the idyllic village of Cottisham to watch over the Reverend Wynter’s flock, whilst he takes a richly deserved holiday.

With its village green and thatched cottages, Cottisham is a far cry from the bleak London parish they’ve left behind. But Clarice can’t shake the feeling that the welcoming smiles of the locals are hiding dark secrets.
When a shocking discovery confirms her suspicions, Clarice can’t resist investigating. Could it be that the Reverend is not all that he seems? Are there black sheep in the fold? One thing is certain: Clarice is determined to uncover the truth. Even if it means putting her own life in danger.

What readers are saying about A Christmas Secret:

A delightful, gentle read to prepare you for Christmas… What more could a reader want?

‘This is such a warming novel. The characters really shine amid the setting of a charming English village. A lovely mystery/love story

‘I look forward to Anne Perry’s Christmas novellas. This one is wistful and melancholic. A good book to curl up with on a winter’s afternoon
A Christmas Visitor (Christmas Novella 2)

A Christmas Visitor (Christmas Novella 2)

One Christmas proves to be unlike any other…

Henry Rathbone, one of Anne Perry’s most engaging characters from her William Monk series, appears in the seasonal murder mystery A Christmas Visitor. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Ann Granger.

‘It wouldn’t be Christmas without a good mystery, and this one has the perfect backdrop: a rambling manor in the Lake District’ – You Magazine

Henry Rathbone arrives to spend Christmas at the Dreghorn family manor house near Ullswater. He is greeted by the news that the master of the house, Judah Dreghorn has slipped while crossing a stream in the grounds of the estate in the middle of the night, and drowned. Not only this, but Ashton Gower, recently released from prison, is slandering Judah’s name, claiming that his family rightfully owns the estate and that the forged deeds for which he was imprisoned were in fact genuine. To Rathbone and the two remaining Dreghorn brothers, also returning to the Lakes for Christmas, Judah’s mysterious death and Gower’s outrageous claims seem inextricably linked.

What readers are saying about A Christmas Visitor:

‘I guarantee that you won’t soon forget this story

An excellent novel set in the Lake District’

Five stars
A Dangerous Mourning (William Monk Mystery, Book 2)

A Dangerous Mourning (William Monk Mystery, Book 2)

A shocking stabbing leads Monk to an astonishing solution…

In the second novel to feature William Monk and Hester Latterly,
New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry weaves a gripping mystery in A Dangerous Mourning, as the death of a young woman leads the pair into the upper echelons of society and the secrets that lie there. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Ann Granger.

‘Perry [has two] strengths: memorable characters and an ability to evoke the Victorian era with the finely wrought detail of a miniaturist’ – Wall Street Journal

No breath of scandal has ever touched the aristocratic Moidore family. London’s wealthiest and most influential can often be found taking tea or dining in the opulent family mansion of Sir Basil Moidore in Queen Anne Street.

Now Sir Basil’s beautiful widowed daughter has been stabbed to death in her own bed, a shocking and incomprehensible tragedy. Inspector William Monk is ordered to find her killer without delay – and in a manner that will give least pain to her family.

Handicapped by his inept supervisor and the lingering traces of amnesia, Monk gropes warily through the silence and shadows that obscure the case. But with the intelligent help of Hester Latterly, he begins to approach the astonishing solution, step by dangerous step.

What readers are saying about A Dangerous Mourning:

Great period atmosphere, excellent story with a good twist at the end’

Excellent background, interesting protagonists and fascinating insight into historical period’

Historical fiction at its best
A Darker Reality (Elena Standish Book 3)

A Darker Reality (Elena Standish Book 3)

The third novel in Anne Perry’s breathtakingly tense and exciting spy thriller series, featuring young British photographer and secret agent Elena Standish, set in the 1930s when the world was a place of increasing fear and uncertainty…

Spring, 1934. With the threat of war looming, political tensions begin to rise…

Elena Standish, a young English photographer who works for British Intelligence, is visiting her grandparents’ home in Washington DC when tragedy strikes. A lavish party is held to mark her grandparent’s sixtieth wedding anniversary and Elena takes pride in capturing the event on camera, but when the beautiful wife of a renowned scientist is found murdered in the driveway, allegedly run over by Elena’s grandfather’s car, Elena’s world is turned upside down.

Arrested on suspicion of murder, Wyatt Baylor protests his innocence, claiming he has enemies who are trying to frame him. But who are these enemies and how can Elena defend a man she barely knows? Turning to secret agent James Allenby for help, Elena must uncover the truth behind the events of that fateful night. But can she trust Allenby or her family and is she willing to risk everything in her pursuit of the truth?
A Fatal Waltz

A Fatal Waltz

From New York Times bestselling author Tasha Alexander comes the third Lady Emily mystery.

A deadly dance between two implacable enemies . . .

At her friend Ivy’s behest, Lady Emily Ashton reluctantly agrees to attend a house party at the country estate of Lord Fortescue, a man she finds as personally odious as he is politically powerful. But on arrival she finds him to be the least of her problems. Among the guests is Kristiana von Lange, an Austrian countess who had once been linked romantically with Emily’s fiancé, Colin Hargreaves, and she makes no secret of that fact, tormenting Emily for her own amusement.

Annoying for Emily – but then matters turn deadly serious when Lord Fortescue is found murdered and his protégé, Robert Brandon – Ivy’s husband – is arrested for the crime. Emily’s efforts to clear her friend’s name take her to Vienna, a place of glittering balls, sordid back streets, chic cafes . . . and home to her nemesis, the Countess von Lange.

Praise for Tasha Alexander

‘A thoroughly enjoyable adventure with both historical texture and emotional depth’ Anne Perry

‘Captivating characters are superbly brought to life in this riveting historical . . . [a] cleverly plotted and suspenseful mysteryFreshFiction

‘A captivating addition to the adventures of an irresistible Victorian iconoclast’ Booklist

Immediately engrossing and thoroughly entertaining . . . Alexander writes with a fullness and richness that leaves the reader extremely satisfied’ Crimespree

‘Sometimes touching, sometimes funny and always absorbing, this Victorian-era mystery hits all the right notesRomantic Times

‘Enchanting… Alexander keeps readers guessing until the very endPublishers Weekly

‘Tasha Alexander is one to watch – and read… despite her cliffhanger climaxes and witty repartee, there’s a depth of sensitivity that sets her apart The Huffington Post
A Funeral in Blue (William Monk Mystery, Book 12)

A Funeral in Blue (William Monk Mystery, Book 12)

To solve the case, Monk must face the demons of his past…

Monk comes up against a former adversary in Anne Perry’s gripping murder mystery A Funeral in Blue. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry.

Funeral in Blue captures and retains the reader’s undivided attention… The plot is intriguing on its own, but it becomes fascinating as Perry, with each new avenue of the investigation, seamlessly explores the nature of truth and the price at which it comes’ – Virginian Pilot

When her brother arrives on her doorstep, Hester Monk is shocked – as much by the unexpectedness of the visit as by the reason for it. For since her marriage to Monk, Charles and his elegant wife, Imogen, have kept their distance. But now Charles needs Hester’s help. He believes Imogen is having an affair – there can be no other explanation for her recent strange behaviour.

However, before Hester is able to investigate, a tragedy occurs. In a nearby artist’s studio two women have been brutally killed. Having left the police force with extreme ill feeling between himself and his superior, the last thing Monk wants to do is face the demons of his past. But, in the course of his work, Monk is left with no choice but to visit his old adversary, Runcorn, and involve himself with the sensational murder case.

What readers are saying about A Funeral in Blue:

‘The mystery appears unsolvable and there is a dramatic denouement with the inclusion of an unlikely ally’

‘A riveting mystery wrapped up in the dark and seedy side of Victorian London’

‘Anne Perry is the best Victorian crime [writer] I have ever read’
A New York Christmas (Christmas Novella 12)

A New York Christmas (Christmas Novella 12)

Dark secrets that threaten the highest of New York society will lead Jemima Pitt into danger…

Thomas Pitt’s daughter Jemima, now a young woman, leads the cast of Anne Perry’s enthralling festive mystery A New York Christmas. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry.

‘Poignant… should be on the Christmas stocking list of anyone who likes a sniffle of nostalgia’ – Washington Times

New York, 1904, Jemima Pitt arrives in a city where new American money and old English aristocracy collide. She’s here to chaperone her friend, Delphinia, who has crossed the ocean to marry one of New York’s richest men, but Jemima discovers a secret that could destroy Phinnie’s future.

Drawn into the crisis, Jemima desperately wants to protect her friend. And she must use all her courage and wits to decide whom to trust, and how to thread her way through the snowy streets of this brash new city.

What readers are saying about A New York Christmas:

‘A must buy must read! A first class brilliant murder mystery

‘The descriptions of New York at Christmas were fantastic

Five stars
A Question of Betrayal (Elena Standish Book 2)

A Question of Betrayal (Elena Standish Book 2)

New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry brings us the second exciting instalment in her new thriller series, set in a time of increasing fear and violence across Europe in the 1930s and featuring British photographer and secret agent Elena Standish.

It is the autumn of 1933 and, fresh from her exploits in Berlin, young British photographer Elena Standish is chosen for a secret assignment in Trieste to establish contact with an MI6 agent whose handler has gone missing, presumed dead.

Elena’s mission is to bring back the agent along with top secret information that could save the lives of thousands of people. But the agent is none other than Aiden Strother, the lover who broke Elena’s heart six years ago when he betrayed his country. With the revelation from MI6 that Aiden is, in fact, a loyal double agent, Elena knows she must put her sense of duty before her personal pride.

But with political tension growing across Europe, the unstoppable rise of Hitler, and an alarming discovery within the very heart of British Intelligence, Elena and her family fear that her life is, once again, in grave danger…
A Rare Interest in Corpses (Inspector Ben Ross Mystery 1)

A Rare Interest in Corpses (Inspector Ben Ross Mystery 1)

Lizzie Martin risks her life to solve a murder…

A Rare Interest in Corpses introduces Lizzie Martin and childhood friend, Inspector Benjamin Ross as they investigate the death of a young girl. Ann Granger’s Inspector Ben Ross series, set in the heart of Victorian London, will enthral fans of Sherlock Holmes and Anne Perry.

‘Period colour is nicely supplied… this engrossing story looks like the start of a highly enjoyable series’ – Scotsman

It is 1864 when Lizzie Martin takes up the post of companion to a wealthy widow who is also a slum landlord. Lizzie is intrigued to learn that her predecessor as companion had disappeared, supposedly having run off with an unknown man. But when the girl’s body is found in the rubble of one of the recently demolished slums around the prestigious new railway station at St Pancras, Lizzie begins to wonder exactly what has been going on. She has re-made the acquaintance of a childhood friend, now Inspector Benjamin Ross, and with his help starts to investigate, risking her life to unearth the truth about the death of a girl whose fate seems interlinked with her own.

What readers are saying about A Rare Interest in Corpses:

‘Ann Granger’s excellent atmospheric descriptions take the reader on a unique journey in time to a London during Queen Victoria’s reign… I found this a fascinating read

‘The writing is good, the historical detail fascinating, and the puzzles interesting

Brilliant. Loved this book’
A Sudden Fearful Death (William Monk Mystery, Book 4)

A Sudden Fearful Death (William Monk Mystery, Book 4)

No one is beyond suspicion…

William Monk once again pits himself against a deadly enemy in the fourth novel featuring the enigmatic detective from
New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Arthur Conan Doyle.

‘Absorbing… Perry continues her excellent renderings of Victorian manners and mayhem’ – Chicago Sun-Times

Death might be commonplace in 1857 in the Royal Free Hospital in London’s Gray’s Inn Road, but murder certainly isn’t. When the body of Prudence Barrymore, a gently bred, dedicated and passionate nurse, is discovered stuffed into a laundry chute no one – high born or low – can be beyond suspicion. But the police seem determined to concentrate their efforts on proving Dr Kristian Beck the culprit – because he is foreign. Concerned and unhappy with this state of affairs, Lady Callandra Daviot of the Board of Governors asks Investigator William Monk to pursue the case.

Monk, frustrated by the lingering traces of amnesia caused by an accident, agrees, and calls upon his old colleagues to aid him. Hester Latterly, an independent young woman who served with Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War, knew the dead woman there; Hester’s profession provides the perfect cover for her to obtain work at the Royal Free. And Oliver Rathbone, a brilliant barrister, who is brought in as counsel for the defence. But under the ever-present shadow of the gallows, and inching towards the appalling solution, the three begin to despair of justice ever prevailing.

What readers are saying about A Sudden Fearful Death:

Intriguing murder mystery in a bygone era, which captivates the reader

‘Was enthralled from beginning to end’

‘I’ve got quite addicted to these stories’
A Sunless Sea (William Monk Mystery, Book 18)

A Sunless Sea (William Monk Mystery, Book 18)

Can Monk uncover the truth behind a deadly opium conspiracy?

Propelled into the darkest corners of the opium trade, New York Times bestselling author Anne Perry sends Inspector Monk on a thrilling adventure in A Sunless Sea, the eighteenth novel featuring the charismatic detective. Perfect for fans of C. J. Sansom and Sarah Perry.

‘Anne Perry’s Victorian mysteries are marvels’ – New York Times Book Review

1864 and on the bank of the Thames, Monk is appalled at the shocking mutilation visited upon the body of a woman found on Limehouse Pier. But when enquiries into the brutal killing unearth a connection between the victim and Dr Lambourn, a brilliant, recently deceased scientist and staunch supporter for a new pharmaceutical bill aimed to regulate the sale of opium, it becomes clear that not all is as it seems. Lambourn’s widow refuses to believe the official verdict that her husband’s death was suicide; she is convinced that he was murdered after the research he was conducting was discredited by government officials intent on keeping the lucrative trade of opium flowing.

With pressure mounting for the river police to find the Limehouse killer, Monk is propelled headlong into an investigation that will delve into the darkest depths of the opium trade and threaten to expose corruption in the very highest echelons of society…

What readers are saying about A Sunless Sea:

Perry is an agile word painter – so perfectly describing the sights and sounds of Victorian London from the dark Limehouse area to the posh West End that one feels transported to a different time and place

The reader becomes immersed in the tension

The characters are believable, the storyline ingenious and the reader [is kept] guessing right to the end’
A Truth To Lie For (Elena Standish Book 4)

A Truth To Lie For (Elena Standish Book 4)

The fourth novel in Anne Perry’s breathtakingly tense and exciting spy thriller series, featuring young British photographer and secret agent Elena Standish, who will need every ounce of her strength and ingenuity to survive what lies ahead…

It is the summer of 1934 when MI6 receives intelligence that two German scientists have made a breakthrough in germ warfare. British agent Elena Standish must return to Berlin to prevent unimaginable horror and, with the help of her trusted friend, Jacob Ritter, embark upon a mission fraught with fear and uncertainty.

Meanwhile, her grandfather’s old adversary Johann Paulus has risen to power as an adviser to Hitler. By his side is his loyal supporter Hans Beckendorff, who is married to Elena’s childhood friend. But when Hans witnesses the bloodshed and atrocities of the Night of the Long Knives, he is torn between ambition and the realisation that he must protect his family from harm.
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